Malcolm And Ariana Grande Relationship
Malcolm And Ariana Grande Relationship

Malcolm And Ariana Grande Relationship: When Did She Start Dating Big Sean?

Malcolm And Ariana Grande Relationship: Ariana Grande has had a very eventful year. In January 2020, she began dating Dalton Gomez, who would later become her husband. In March, she was quarantined for the COVID-19 pandemic. She purchased a new home in June, and in December, she proposed to the real estate agent. Oh, and this May, they just got married (!).

Ariana and Dalton exchanged vows in a private ceremony with their nearest and dearest family and friends present. According to Ariana’s representative, “They got married.” “With less than 20 individuals, it was small and private. The space was incredibly joyful and loving. The couple and their families are overjoyed.”

Friends and family of the “Positions” singer are apparently “thrilled” about her new husband. “Dalton is beloved by all. He’s fantastic for Ari. “Someone told People this. “She has had a fairly calm and uneventful period so far. They are overjoyed that she will wed Dalton.”

The Grammy Award winner hasn’t revealed much about her new husband because of her public engagement and breakup with comedian Pete Davidson. Due to her experience with previous relationships, Arianna is reluctant to be so open about her relationship with Dalton, the person claimed. It has been an excellent opportunity for Dalton and Ariana to spend time together while in quarantine in Los Angeles.

Before being married to Dalton, Ariana had a long history of dating many other people. Here is some information regarding their relationship and a peek at the pop star’s previous partners.

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When Did Ariana And Dalton Gomez Start Dating?

According to sources, the couple began dating in January 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic started. According to People, Dalton, a native of Southern California, works as a buyer’s agent for the upscale real estate firm Aaron Kirman Group and closes deals with A-list clientele. Fans estimate his age to be between 24 and 25 based on a vintage yearbook photo.

The two are currently quarantining together in the “Boyfriend” singer’s Los Angeles house, though it’s unclear if real estate brought them together or if they just managed to run into each other by chance. (She spent $13.7 million on a Hollywood Hills mansion earlier in June; circumstances are they connected through real estate.)

“With pals, Ariana is staying at home. She has been with the same individuals for days and is extremely serious about maintaining her distance from others, “a source informed People. Dalton is one of the individuals she is now seeing; they have been friends for a few months.

But Ariana had a good reason for keeping things quiet. Keeping this relationship under wraps is Arianna’s attempt to avoid entering into another public romance, but the insider noted that Arianna seemed content with Dalton.

Malcolm And Ariana Grande Relationship
Malcolm And Ariana Grande Relationship

Image Source: PopSugar

In the “Stuck With U” music video for her collaboration with Justin Bieber, they became music video officials rather than becoming IG officials. (Scooter Braun is the manager of both.)

Ariana and Dalton are seen gently dancing, cuddling, and kissing in what appears to be a bedroom after the video. That was a big deal for the couple because it was their first indication that they were an “official” couple.

The “Rain on Me” Instagram ads featured him for Lady Gaga’s new album Chromatica. (ICYMI, she does mock weather forecasts in her bathtub while Dalton holds a shower head above her head in the “Rain on Me” commercials.)

Dalton has been posting about quarantine on his account, @dalton Jacob. Thus, it appears they have been an official IG account for some time. Additionally, Ariana shared a black-and-white picture of Dalton and his twin brother Dakota playing computer games on Instagram Stories.

Was Ari Once Engaged To Pete Davidson?

At one of SNL’s after-parties in 2018, she ran into the show’s stand-up comedian and cast member. They quickly began dating and frequently expressed their love for one another.

Were Ariana & Mac Miller Longtime Friends Before Getting Together?

Rapper Mac Miller and Ari first connected in 2012; before dating, they worked together and were close friends. Their relationship was made public in August 2016 after they were spotted kissing at Katsu-Ya in Encino, California, according to iHeartRadio.

“Hi! Malcolm McCormick is one of my most fantastic friends and my favorite person on earth, Ariana said in her Instagram Stories after their breakup in the spring of 2018.

No of how our relationship develops or what the universe has in store for either of us, I will always respect and admire him and be eternally glad to have him in my life in whatever capacity! Love without conditions is not egocentric. It means wanting the best for that individual, even if it’s not you.

Did Ari Have A Relationship With Ricky Alvarez Before Mac Miller?

In the controversial #Doughnutgate video, released in 2015 and featured Ari licking fresh doughnuts at a California bakery, die-hard Ari fans may recall her relationship with backup dancer Ricky Alvarez. He may be seen encouraging her in the video that TMZ was able to obtain.

When Did She Start Dating Big Sean?

Big Sean and Ariana started dating in 2014 after Big Sean called off his wedding to Glee actress Naya Rivera. They made their red carpet debut as a couple at the MTV VMAs.

When Did Graham Phillips And Ariana Start Dating?

She first met Graham in the same year they both appeared as teenagers in the Broadway musical 13. Before ending their three-year relationship in 2011, the couple dated. Since then, their relationship has remained cordial, and Graham has occasionally gone to one of Ari’s concerts.

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