Nicole Richie Parents
Nicole Richie Parents

Who Are Nicole Richie Parents? How Did Lionel Come To Adopt Nicole?

Nicole Richie Parents: Despite coming from a prominent family, Nicole Richie didn’t become well-known until she starred with Paris Hilton in the reality TV series The Simple Life. The two young, affluent socialites were followed as they took up manual labor jobs on the television program. As they struggled to work as camp counselors, serve meals at fast food restaurants, and work on farms, they would gripe and crack jokes.

Nicole is well-known for being the daughter of a famous guy. Therefore, many people are shocked to learn that she was adopted. In addition, Lionel understood Nicole Richie’s biological parents well.

Lionel Richie Knew Nicole Richie’s Birth Parents For A Long Time!

When The Simple Life premiered in December 2003 and aired until August 2007, Nicole Richie became well-known in popular culture. Yet, many admirers and detractors were shocked to learn that Nicole was adopted. Singer Lionel Richie, her adoptive father, was acquainted with her birth parents.

Karen Moss, Nicole’s biological mother, worked as Lionel’s backstage helper, claims Biography. Her father, Peter Michael Escovedo, was a musician in Lionel’s group and the sibling of Sheila E, a longtime Prince collaborator who plays pop percussion.

So, How Did Lionel Come To Adopt Nicole?

A 2-year-old girl was playing the tambourine on stage next to Prince in 1983 when Lionel was at a Prince concert in Los Angeles. Nicole was that young child. Lionel would learn that her parents were experiencing some issues at home a few weeks later.

Nicole Richie Parents
Nicole Richie Parents

In an interview with the Huffington Post in 2016, Lionel said of Nicole’s parents’ jobs, “We [were] a little anxious that the tiny kid can’t go on tour because a 2-year-old has to be stationary — they can’t keep going on the road.”

During the interview, he said, “I don’t know how we got into the subject, ‘Well, why don’t you just kind of keep the baby here?'” When Lionel and his first wife, Brenda Harvey-Richie, discovered that things with Nicole’s birth parents weren’t getting any better, they took care of her for two years.

“It was getting worse. The family situation was falling apart,” Lionel explained. He assured the exhausted Nicole that he would always be there for her and committed to loving her. Given her history with her parents, Lionel claimed that Nicole was hesitant to trust him.

“I recall that you struggled with abandonment for obvious reasons. He told his daughter, “you’d been passed around to every relative in the family.” “I recall what I told you. I promised you that I would never leave you.

He also kept his word to Nicole.

After Caring For Nicole For Two Years, Lionel And His Wife Began The Adoption Proceedings!

In a 2015 interview with Piers Morgan, Lionel remarked, “So it took about a year for me to just fall in love, and she was a little button, and of course, by that time, I was Dad.” “Okay, here’s what we’re going to do, I said. You’re going to make everyone wish they had adopted you. At that point, I responded, “Let’s adopt her. You will make everyone in your family wish they had a chance to get you back.”


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