Pavel Antov Dies
Pavel Antov Dies

Russian Sausage Manufacturer Pavel Antov Dies In An Indian Hotel In Odisha!

Russian Sausage Manufacturer Pavel Antov Dies In An Indian Hotel In Odisha!

Two days after losing a buddy on the same trip, Russian sausage tycoon Pavel Antov was discovered dead in an Indian hotel.

The wealthy, a local politician, was on vacation in the eastern state of Odisha, and he had just celebrated his birthday at the hotel.

In the city of Vladimir, which is east of Moscow, Pavel Antov was widely known.

He denied criticizing Russia’s war in Ukraine last summer after a message appeared on his WhatsApp account.

The millionaire’s murder is the most recent in a string of mysterious incidents involving Russian business people since the beginning of the Russian invasion, many of whom have vocally opposed the conflict.

Russian media reported on Sunday that Mr. Antov, 65, had fallen from a hotel window in Rayagada. Vladimir Budanov, one of his four Russian companions, passed away at the hotel on Friday.

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Mr. Budanov was discovered to have had a stroke, according to Superintendent Vivekananda Sharma of the Odisha police, while his companion “was depressed after his death, and he also died.” Police did not perceive a “criminal element in these unfortunate occurrences,” according to Alexei Idamkin, the Russian consul in Kolkata, who spoke to Tass.

Mr. Budanov may have “consumed a lot of booze as he had liquor bottles,” tourist guide Jitendra Singh told reporters.

Pavel Antov built the Vladimir Standard meat processing facility, and in 2019 Forbes estimated his net worth to be over $140 million (£118 million), placing him at the top of Russia’s list of the country’s wealthiest legislators and civil servants.

As the chairman of a committee on rural policy and ecology, he significantly impacted the Vladimir parliamentary assembly. He passed away in “tragic circumstances,” according to the deputy chairman of the legislature, Vyacheslav Kartukhin.

Late in June of last year, he seemed to respond to a Russian missile attack on a house in the Shevchenkivskyi neighborhood of Kiev, which resulted in the death of a man and the injuries of his seven-year-old daughter and her mother.

Antov explained how the family was rescued from the wreckage in a WhatsApp message: “It’s just hard to call this anything other than terror.”

Antov stated on social media after the message was erased that he supported the president, was a “patriot of my nation,” and supported the war.

He stated that the WhatsApp message was from a person whose perspective on the “special military operation in Ukraine” he strongly opposed. He described it as a frustrating mistake unintentionally placed on his messenger.

Since the war started, several prominent Russian tycoons have perished in mysterious circumstances.

In September, Ravil Maganov, the CEO of Russia’s largest oil company Lukoil, reportedly jumped from a Moscow hospital window.

Who Was Pavel Antov?

Russian sausage tycoon Pavel Antov. According to Russian media reports, he was one of Russia’s top meat sausage producers. Vladimir Standard, a meat firm, was established by him.

He Was A Russian Businessman, Wasn’t He?

No, he also worked in politics. He represented the Vladimir Region in the Legislative Assembly. According to a report, he served as the chairman of the Legislative Assembly’s Vladimir area committee on agricultural policy, environmental management, and ecology.

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