Kathy Whitworth Dies
Kathy Whitworth Dies

The Winningest Golfer In History, Kathy Whitworth Dies At 83!

The Winningest Golfer In History, Kathy Whitworth Dies At 83!

On Sunday, the Ladies Professional Golf Association reported that Kathy Whitworth, the golfer with the most victories in history, had passed away at 83.

While spending Christmas Eve with family and friends on Saturday night, Kathy Whitworth passed away unexpectedly, according to her lifelong partner Bettye Odle.

In a statement, Odle said that Kathy “leaves this world the way she spent her life, loving, laughing, and creating memories.”

Odle withheld any information regarding the cause of death.

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One of the best golfers of all time is Whitworth. She has 88 victories on the LPGA Tour, including six major titles. She holds the record for the men’s game with 88 wins, six more than Sam Snead and Tiger Woods.

Kathy Whitworth became the first golfer on the LPGA to surpass $1 million in earnings in 1981. She was admitted to the World Golf Hall of Fame a year later.

Kathy embodied the definition of a champion on and off the golf course. The LPGA Commissioner Mollie Marcoux Samaan remarked, “In the brief time I spent with Kathy, I was genuinely blown away by her and her approach to the game and life.

“From the moment you first met her, you could immediately see she had strength, insight, and vibrancy! As a young girl and as the commissioner, she inspired me, and I’m sure she did the same for many other people. With Bettye, her family, and the golf community, we all mourn.

How Did Kathy Whitworth Pass Away?

As of the right moment, no official statement has been issued regarding the cause of her death. According to Christina Lance, an LPGA spokeswoman, Whitworth passed away at a neighborhood Christmas celebration in Flower Mound, Texas. Betty Oddle, her lover, claimed she died while spending Christmas with relatives and friends.

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