Liver King Sued
Liver King Sued

Liver King Sued for $25M by Customers ‘Tricked’ by His Steroid Use

A $25 million class-action lawsuit against a bodybuilder who admitted to using steroids is pending for misleading customers about his raw liver diet.

Brian Johnson, 45, is referred to as the “Liver King” because he maintains that eating raw animal liver and bone marrow and taking blood shots are the reasons for his lean body.

Johnson’s claims were exposed on YouTube by a competing bodybuilder and fitness expert, who discovered that the organ-eater was using $11,000 worth of drugs each month to achieve his physique.

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Johnson had long denied using steroids, but following the exposé, he acknowledged that not only was the claim accurate but that he continues to take a modest dose of testosterone every week.

Following Johnson’s admission, New York resident Christopher Altomare sued the Liver King and his businesses, Ancestral Supplements, LLC, and The Fittest Ever, LLC, according to the New York Post.

In the $25 million lawsuit, Altomare asserts that Johnson misrepresented his products and promoted a “dangerous and life-threatening diet,” which led to customers contracting “severe” food-borne illnesses.


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Johnson advertises his “Nine Ancestral Tenets” way of life, the Eat Tenet, which calls for eating raw liver, spleen, hearts, kidneys, pancreas, and testicles.

According to the lawsuit, he “consistently” removed his shirt to “showcase his strong physique” and present “himself as the ideal of health.”

Liver King Sued 25M

But supporters had to buy him vitamins to keep up that regimen.

The lawsuit, which the Post was able to obtain, stated that “Liver King persuaded millions of consumers to adhere to, or abide by, the Eat Tenet by repeatedly making representations to consumers that his nearly ideal physique, and optimal health, were solely attributable to his adoption of the Ancestral Tenets, predominantly the Eat Tenet.”


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“I have used steroids, yes. And yes, I’m on steroids,” Johnson admitted in a video posted on December 1.

Altomare now asserts that if people had realized that Johnson used steroids, they would not have bought Johnson’s products.

Despite this, Johnson maintains his routine and has stated that his company is doing well.

In a video, he asserted, “The Liver King brand has had nothing to do with my business success. Before the Liver King gained notoriety, “my firms were already kicking a-, already thriving, increasing at 50% year over year, and still rising at the same pace after.”

I completely own that I f—ed up, Johnson continued. All I can do right now is take full responsibility for my actions, improve, and guide myself to a better life as a better person.

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