Horizon Forbidden West Alpha Build Has Leaked Online
Horizon Forbidden West Alpha Build Has Leaked Online

Horizon Forbidden West Alpha Build Has Leaked Online

The alpha build of Horizon Forbidden West has been released online. Horizon Forbidden West was one of the most popular games in 2022, even earning some award nominations. Horizon Forbidden West was regrettably overshadowed by titles like Elden Ring, which came at the same time.

However, it was still a fantastic sequel that gamers appreciated and helped create more value for the PS5. Although the game was available on PS4, many PS5 fans were eager for a new exclusive game after games such as God of War Ragnarok were delayed until 2021. Horizon Forbidden West eventually filled the hole for first-party games in early 2022.

Those particularly interested in Horizon Forbidden West, the inner workings of games in general, and other rare behind-the-scenes glimpses at games are now being treated to something rather unusual. Horizon Forbidden West’s alpha build has leaked online, letting fans view what a game looks like in its early phases.

This build appears to have been sent to playtesters in 2020 to play and provide comments during the game’s development, although it’s in extremely rough shape. There’s a storyboard cutscene, some voices are just text-to-speech voices, and the game isn’t extremely shiny and gorgeous yet. However, that is how games now seem.

It’s predicted that lovers of this material would dive into these features and presumably find all kinds of intriguing nuggets. Some even feel this might be utilized to produce an unauthorized PC port, but it’s unclear whether the essentials are in place to make that happen.

Although Sony is presumably furious that this is public, it is fascinating. We don’t get many clear glimpses of how games are developed or what they look like. Everything is always served on a silver platter, so fans were astonished when Grand Theft Auto VI’s leaked gameplay earlier this year didn’t appear very nice.

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