Is Treshaun Ward Related To Charlie Ward
Is Treshaun Ward Related To Charlie Ward

Is Treshaun Ward Related To Charlie Ward?

Is Treshaun Ward Related To Charlie Ward: Treshaun Ward dominated the competition in the most recent NCCA football season, and his abilities are being compared online to those of Charlie Ward. This has immediately sparked speculation about whether or not he is the son of a professional basketball player.

Teshaun is a star player for the 2022 Florida State Seminoles as their running back. This time, with jersey number 8, Twitter can’t get enough of him. The gushing compliments don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

Treshaun Ward with a big-time run tackle made by Jay Ward, but it looks like it’s getting called back on a holding penalty, as Leah van had predicted before the game. Last week, Ward had 127 yards on the ground, which was the most for the Seminoles. Last year, he had a rushing average of nearly 6 yards.

Is Treshaun Ward Charlie Ward’s Son?

The interest in Treshaun’s father has increased due to his son’s current fame. Everyone assumes he is the father of collegiate basketball player and cum footballer Charlie Ward because they have the same last name.

After retiring from professional basketball, Charlie dedicated his life to the sports sector. He was named the Big Bend Conference’s top coach in March 2021. In March of 2021, Ward also won a seat on the Tallahassee Community College District board of trustees.

Is Treshaun Ward Related To Charlie Ward
Is Treshaun Ward Related To Charlie Ward

Charlie Ward talks about coaching and not just Florida State University athletics in his YouTube series “Chalk Talk with Charlie Ward.” He is a regular guest on sports talk broadcasts and podcasts.

Tresham is not Charlie’s son, despite popular belief to the contrary. FSU alum and son of Charlie’s, Caleb Ward, attended college there. He was designated as a wideout on the 2019 squad. His father reportedly dropped him off for college on game day.

The present running back and the old quarterback’s last names are the same, so naturally, rumors began to circulate that they were the same person. However, there is no truth to it in the real world. Caleb Ward and Hope Ward are Charlie Ward’s sons. He does not have a son named Treshaun Ward.

FSU Player Treshaun Ward’s Parents & Family

Treshaun Ward’s mother, Carlena Ward, has always been there for him. Many news outlets have highlighted her pride and joy at her son’s successes.

Mommy Ward has forgotten how she learned that her son had won a scholarship to Florida State University last spring. Still, she will never forget Treshaun’s three words of congratulations: “I got it.”

She was relieved when her son finally earned a full scholarship after two years of footing the bill for his education as a walk-on running back for the Seminoles. Her child’s smile made her temporarily forget her problems more than the weight being lifted off her shoulders.

Treshaun’s dad was not there for the interview, and we don’t know much about him. There was a time when the Charlie rumor wasn’t as widespread, but now it’s everywhere. There has been no response to the words from either player.

Equally confusing is that Caleb and Treshaun are sometimes mistaken for one another because they look so much alike. Quite a few people also refer to them as brothers. However, this is also without any foundation.

He’s on Instagram as showwtimee8, but his parents still don’t have accounts. He is aiming to show off his professional accomplishments rather than any personal achievements on his part. His family, his fiancée, and personal life have all been left off his social media to favor his football career. Do you want to learn more about celebrities? Visit our website,, for the most recent news.

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