The Morning Show Season 3
The Morning Show Season 3

The Morning Show Season 3: How Things Ended In Season 2?

The Morning Show is an Emmy-winning drama series starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon as two anchors caught up in the drama playing on and off-screen at the fictional network UBA. The Morning Show is about the competitive world of television journalism.

Apple TV+ renewed the series for a third season after its twist-filled second season, which saw the program adapt to and incorporate the ongoing health concern and societal unrest that developed at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

The series has been busy filming on location in New York City and bolstering its already-star-studded ensemble with even bigger names, like Jon Hamm, as anticipation for its return to the streaming platform grows, and viewers yearn to know what happens to Alex (Aniston) and Bradley (Witherspoon).

Here is all the information you need to know about the upcoming season of The Morning Show, including who will be joining, where things are going, and when new episodes will be broadcast.

When Is The Morning Show Season 3 Release Date?

No premiere date has yet been announced, but The Morning Show will most likely return in the summer or fall of 2023. The series was still in production in the fall of 2022.

How Things Ended in Season 2

After Season 2’s exhilarating ride, many UBA employees found themselves at unanticipated turning points in their professional and personal lives. That required Alex to confront the truth about what transpired between her and Mitch (Steve Carell), which was all made public as Maggie Brener (Marcia Gay Harden) promoted the publication of her autobiography, The Wrong Side of the Bed. Alex was diagnosed with COVID-19 while dealing with his untimely death.

Cory Ellison (Billy Crudup) commissioned Chip Black (Mark Duplass) to create a digital series for UBA+, the network’s new streaming service, while Alex was trying to recuperate from the virus. Alex and Chip made up while she was chronicling her health issues. However, it was later discovered that Chip lied about testing positive to collaborate with Alex.

Laura Peterson (Julianna Margulies), concerned about the severity of the pandemic given her heart condition, left New York City for Montana and encouraged Bradley to move in with her. While Bradley’s investigation into her sexuality helped her find her true self, it also resulted in a love triangle between her, Laura, and Cory, who jeopardized his job by launching UBA+ at the wrong time.

The Morning Show Season 3
The Morning Show Season 3

A large portion of the TMS crew was exposed to COVID by Alex, leaving Stella Bak (Greta Lee), Cory’s replacement as president of the news division, to try and save what she could. As a result, when co-host Daniel Henderson (Desean Terry) abruptly left the show, and Bradley left to look for her missing brother, she resorted to Yanko Flores (Néstor Carbonell) to run the show’s desk.

New and Returning Cast Members

Sadly, two characters won’t be back in season 3. Carell is one of them; in season 2, when Mitch drove his car off a cliff in Italy, his character died devastatingly. Aniston remarked at the time that she found the whole thing “tragically poetic,” adding, “I thought it was pretty shocking and… it’s a gut punch to the heart and soul for Alex.”

Later, Carell adds, “Working on that was a lot of fun. I thought they were a terrific set of folks.”

The other is Harden, who revealed to ET that she was preoccupied with filming the third season of her new CBS show, So Help Me Todd, and was unlikely to be available. The actress said, “I would love it if we could work it in so that Maggie could come back for a day or two. “She needs to come up with another intriguing tale. I think she needs to drum it up with a different type of humanity because of how it was left off.”

However, a large portion of the larger ensemble is anticipated to stay. Witherspoon told ET, “Obviously, Jen and I are back.” We still have Billy Crudup and Karen Pittman, two incredibly talented actors, and many more beloved cast members. Additionally, Margulies is returning.

At first, it wasn’t sure if she would play Laura again, especially once it became known that her character intended to relocate to Montana. Apple TV+ has, however, confirmed that she would appear in season 3, with Laura, hopefully, going back to UBA in New York.

Several prominent actors are joining the cast, much as last season. Witherspoon hinted that there were numerous new characters. Hamm joins them as Paul Marks, a business tycoon who “sets his sights on UBA, drawing Cory, Alex, and Bradley into his formidable orbit.” He’s portraying this incredible character, which I can’t wait for people to see since it’s somewhat based on true life, Witherspoon continued.

Though she has made cameos as Audra, a competing news presenter, Mindy Kaling wouldn’t say whether she would be back for season 3, but she did assure ET that Hamm “would be wonderful on it.”

Other new cast members include Nicole Beharie as Christina Hunter, a charismatic and competitive millennial who joins the morning team as a news anchor and knows how to work hard, play hard, and spill the tea with a bit of irreverence; Tig Notaro as Amanda Robinson, Marks’ chief of staff; Natalie Morales as Stella’s best friend from Stanford; and Tig Notaro as Amanda Robinson. They were both participants in a start-up incubator run by Marks.

Future guests could include Adam Sandler and George Clooney, to name just two. Margulies said, “maybe he’ll come to visit,” when ET asked if her old ER co-star should join the cast in season 3. He’s not the only A-list celebrity who might drop by, either. It “would be amazing,” according to Sandler, who has co-starred with Aniston on screen, to show up on the show.

His only caution? He laughed and said, “I’ll bug her about appearing on her show when we do publicity for [Murder Mystery 2] because their monologues are so long.”

Season 3 Plot and Timeline

Season 3 is currently in production, with the cast spotted filming in and around New York City. Executive producer and showrunner Charlotte Stoudt, who has replaced creator Kerry Ehrin, will be in charge of the third season. Executive producer and director Mimi Leder is anticipated to take the reins.

The series is anticipated to make another time jump, most likely continuing beyond the lockdown and taking up at least one or two years later when things start to open up again. However, no specific plot elements have been revealed. The new episodes will occur “after the pandemic,” Witherspoon revealed to ET, but she did not specify when. She laughed, “I can’t tell you anything.” However, it’s delicious and juicy.

Given the significant changes that have occurred in the real world, particularly in television news, it’s probable that UBA+’s trajectory and Cory’s future at the network will be affected by the introduction of CNN+ and its eventual extinction. Meanwhile, there was the 2020 presidential election, the Jan. 6 events, significant changes at many media outlets and social media sites, the publication of Katie Couric’s memoir, and the rise and fall of unicorn firms in Silicon Valley.

Although it’s unlikely that the GMA3 anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s romance will be revealed in the new episodes, the show did rework season 2 after the pandemic started. Thus, anything is conceivable!

The reintroduction of Season 3 to Apple TV+ is anticipated for 2023. However, no specific date has been specified.

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