Collinsville Shooting
Collinsville Shooting

Collinsville Shooting: Fight At Collinsville Pub Ends With Double Fatal Shooting!

Collinsville Shooting: A prolonged altercation in downtown Collinsville resulted in the shooting deaths of two individuals overnight on Sunday.

Major Brett Boerm, a spokesman for the Collinsville Police Department, claims that at about 12:45 in the morning, officers received a call reporting a shooting in a parking lot behind the 100 block of West Main Street.

According to Boerm, when the police arrived, they discovered two guys who had been shot. Police detained two more men.

When they arrived, the injured males were treated by Collinsville Fire Department paramedics. The deaths of both individuals were confirmed. They were identified as Ricardo Correa, 20, of Collinsville, and Rodolfo Torres-Granado, 24, of Granite City.

Police assert that witnesses told investigators of a physical altercation between a group of men and one individual inside Sloan’s Pub House. After they were separated, the argument resurfaced in the parking lot behind the bar.

Collinsville Shooting
Collinsville Shooting

Witnesses reported to police Correa, and Torres-Granado belonged to the broader group. Once outside, those people arm themselves and go up to a Dodge Charger driven by a lone man and a female friend. Boerm claimed that the group used their weapons to destroy the Charger’s windows, sparking yet another altercation.

Torres-Granado and Correa were shot by the driver of the Charger, who then pulled his gun and started shooting.

According to Boerm, police have taken the shooter and another member of the bigger group into jail.

Anyone who observed the altercation or the shooting and did not speak with officials at the bar is advised to call the Collinsville Police Department at 618-344-2131. (x5136).

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