Stacia Karcher divorce
Stacia Karcher divorce

Stacia Karcher Has Confirmed Her Divorce From Nate Barnes

Stacia Karcher divorce: Nate and Stacia have been a fan favorite couple for many “Married at First Sight” viewers since they made their debut in Season 3. Viewers have wondered if the duo is still together while watching their friendship grow over time. To determine whether Nate and Stacia are still together, we’ll examine them more closely at their relationship in this piece by looking at hints from the cast and crew.

Nate Barnes’ Divorce Has Been Confirmed by Married at First Sight Star Stacia Karcher

Another Married at First Sight couple dies. Nate Barnes and Stacia Karcher, who wed during the fifteenth season of the Lifetime experiment, are no longer together.

She said:

“Everything he agreed to do on the show was all words. There was no action. I gave it time. I waited. I was patient. I lived with him to give him more time to let him know I was committed. I still want to be friends. I have no ill will [toward] him. I always, like, I love him [like a friend].”

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“Nate is not here anymore. Yes, I am divorced; 37-year-old Stacia admitted to the host Kevin Frazier during the MAFS season 16 premiere special on December 29. Yes, it’s time to continue.

The 34-year-old Stacia and Nate, who met on their wedding day, were matched by the MAFS professionals during season 15 in San Diego. Following their honeymoon, the estranged couple struggled despite their strong sexual chemistry. The banker was reluctant to live with his ex-wife and opposed her rash plans to have children.

Do Nate and Stacia Currently Share a Home?

The couples on Married at First Sight always face overwhelming challenges, especially when they move to live together after marriage, regardless of what happens in any given season. For Stacia and Nate, who revealed in the “where are they now?” section that they still live in separate homes, this poses a challenge.


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When questioned about it, Stacia replied, “It’s not yet smoothed out,” but they’re both willing to work on it. Nate can gradually get used to married life even though Stacia and Nate retain two separate homes.

Stacia told Distractify, “I still don’t want to push him into anything that he doesn’t want to do. I said, “I don’t care where we live. That’s okay because we’ll have numerous homes anyhow. I’m fine as long as we spend every day together.

Stacia Karcher divorce-

There is something to be gained from participating, regardless of whether a cast member’s experience on the experimental relationship program is like Stacia’s on MAFS or they have a seamless season with their spouse. Stacia could relax knowing she gave the dating series her all and came out with a husband, even though her experience wasn’t perfect.


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In conclusion, Nate and Stacia’s split has been a trying experience. Despite their best efforts to make it work, the two could not understand, which ultimately led to the end of their relationship. While this challenging choice was ultimately the right one for Nate and Stacia, it was painful for many of the couple’s friends and family. We wish them the best in their future pursuits as they work through the grieving and healing processes associated with this split.

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