Chris Ledesma Dies
Chris Ledesma Dies

Longtime Music Editor For “The Simpsons” Chris Ledesma Dies At 64!

Longtime music editor Chris Ledesma dies at 64, and the Simpsons crew is in deep sorrow. A title card that stated “In loving memory of Chris Ledesma” was used after Sunday’s telecast to memorialize Ledesma. Death did not have a known cause.

An animated Ledesma carrying a conductor’s baton and sitting on the Simpsons couch with Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie, and Bart was shown as a tribute to Ledesma’s life and career. As they experimented with various instruments, Maggie and Bart were guided by a beaming Ledesma.

Until his resignation in May 2022, Chris Ledesma had worked on every episode of The Simpsons since the show’s debut in 1989, which spans 33 years.

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Chris Ledesma tweeted that he had worked on The Simspons for half of his life in September 2021, marking a “major milestone.”

Twitter has been used by several of Ledesma’s Simpson’s coworkers to convey their condolences and remember their longtime colleague.

Chris Ledesma was a good-natured man who genuinely liked and excelled at his work. The co-executive producer and author Carolyn Omine tweeted, “We miss him.

Executive producer and showrunner Matt Selman said, “Chris Ledesma was a wonderful, silly guy with a large heart – his amazing musical life is played out across 33 years of @TheSimpsons.

Writer Matthew Schofield, an animator, expressed his astonishment and sadness upon learning of Chris Ledesma’s untimely loss. He arranged for me to see the scoring session for my episode “Black Eyed, Please” in a gracious manner. He was a great guy who had a true passion for his work. Adieu, Chris.

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