Michigan's Gas Tax Has Gone Up
Michigan's Gas Tax Has Gone Up

Michigan’s Gas Tax Has Gone Up By 5%, 6th Highest Gas Tax In The U.S

Michigan’s Gas Tax Has Gone Up: In 2023, Michigan motorists will pay extra at the pump due to the state’s gas tax increase.

Under former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, a law raised the state’s gas tax from 27.2 cents per gallon to 28.6 cents. Either 5% annually or the inflation rate will be increased.

The additional funds will improve Michigan’s infrastructure and roadways, but several motorists claim they were unprepared for the rise.

“We have to do a better job relaying where the money is going,” State Representative Alex Garza said. “They see their taxes going up in one way or another and want to ensure it’s going to roads and infrastructure.”

The price rise at the pump will be roughly 21 cents for a car with a 15-gallon tank.

Michigan now has the sixth-highest gas tax in the country. Drivers currently pay 18.4 cents in state tax, 6% in sales tax, and 1% in environmental tax.

All told, the price per gallon approaches 70 cents.

“If you look around Michigan, we’re spending much money on roads right now. Orange barrels everywhere. It’s going to take a lot of money to fix the roads. The big question in the future will be how do we fund roads with all these EV’s not paying any gas tax,” State Senator Joe Bellino said.

In the opinion of lawmakers, the new tax hike is intended to reduce potholes. They also plan to present some fresh suggestions for tax relief.

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