Dell And Alienware Unveil New Gaming Laptops At CES 2023
Dell And Alienware Unveil New Gaming Laptops At CES 2023

Dell And Alienware Unveil New Gaming Laptops At CES 2023

Dell And Alienware Unveil New Gaming Laptops At CES 2023: Six new gaming laptops from Alienware and Dell have been introduced, including the Alienware m18 and m16, the Alienware x16 and x14, and the Dell G16 and Dell G15. In favor of 16-inch and 18-inch models, the gaming brand is abandoning 15-inch and 17-inch laptops.

According to the business, the change was brought about by the advancements made by the Alienware Cryo-tech thermal solution. According to the company, the method enables them to produce laptops with larger screens without having to alter each device’s footprint significantly.

Alienware Gaming Laptop Price, Availability

According to the manufacturer, only a few computers with high-end specifications will be offered at launch, with additional variants becoming available in the future (s).

The entry-level Alienware m18 will initially be available with high-end configurations starting at $2,099. Later, further arrangements will be available. The entry-level Alienware m16 will initially be available with designs starting at $1,899. Later, other formats will be available.

Similar to prior models, the Alienware x16 will be available in high-end configurations starting at $3,099 (US) (US). Prices for Alienware x14 begin at $1,799. Arriving this Spring

Dell G15 will cost $849 (US) at launch, while Dell G16 will cost $1,499 at launch (US).

Alienware M18, Alienware M16 Features, Specifications

For gamers that prioritize performance, Alienware M Series is made. The m18, according to the manufacturer, is Alienware’s most powerful laptop. It is powered by a full stack of NVIDIA GeForce RTX laptop GPUs and up to 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13980HX CPUs. A version with AMD Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics is also available.

Dell And Alienware Unveil New Gaming Laptops At CES 2023
Dell And Alienware Unveil New Gaming Laptops At CES 2023

According to the manufacturer, the Alienware m18 has seven heat pipes (up from four on the m17), which equates to an increase in surface area of more than 114%, Element 31 thermal interface material on the CPU and GPU, and a vapor chamber that now covers both the GPU and CPU.

These features help to increase thermal capacity by 35. The laptop has two user-replaceable DDR5 SO-DIMM slots, a full-sized keyboard and number pad with optional Cherry MX mechanical keys, and up to 9TB of total storage space.

The size and features of the display, along with a few other parameters, are the main differences between the m18 and m16.

Alienware X16, Alienware X14 Features, Specifications

Laptops from the Alienware X Series are made for gamers who use their computers for other tasks. The company claimed that to “meet both of these needs. We pull deeper from engineering’s toolbox to feasibly create the most aggressive designs.”

The company’s first 16-inch gaming laptop since 2004 is the Alienware x16. It has six speakers with Dolby Atmos audio tuning, top-firing tweeters for clarity, and two woofers for powerful bass.

It is the first Alienware laptop to have upgraded Loop, Rainbow, and AlienFX Scanner lighting upgrades. Mobile AMD technology, laptop GPUs from NVIDIA, and 13th-generation Intel Core HX CPUs power it.

The Alienware X14, which claims to be the thinnest 14-inch gaming laptop in the world, takes several features from its older sister. The latest model debuted at CES 2022 and featured a redesigned display panel.

Dell G15, Dell G16 Features And Specifications

The player experience is improved by adding toggle audio keys, a G-mode key, and special macro keys for gaming functions on the G15 and G16. While G16 offers a one-zone RGB and Cherry MX keyboard choice, G15 offers a one-zone RGB and four-zone RGB keyboard option with Numpad.

The laptops are equipped with the most recent Intel/ AMD and NVIDIA technologies and enable graphically demanding games. Additionally, the G Series laptops have an Element 31 thermal interface and vapor chamber cooling inspired by Alienware.

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