Man Accused Of Killing Migos Rapper Takeoff Released On Bond
Man Accused Of Killing Migos Rapper Takeoff Released On Bond

Man Accused of Killing Migos Rapper Takeoff Released On Bond: What Was The Shooting Timeline For Takeoff?

Man Accused of Killing Migos Rapper Takeoff Released On Bond: TEXAS CITY — According to court documents, Patrick Clark, accused of killing Migos artist TakeOff, secured a $1 million bond on Wednesday and was let out of custody.

A judge ruled last week that Clark’s bond should remain at $1 million. The goal of his counsel was to have it decreased.

Clark allegedly killed rapper Takeoff of the Migos. After maintaining he was not a flight danger and lacked the money to afford a $1 million bond, his counsel fought to have his bond reduced to $300,000.

Letitia Quinones, Clark’s attorney, stated at the time, “While we respect Judge Hill and his ruling today, we disagree with it and, to be honest, we’re shocked by it.”

Clark’s bail was initially set at $2 million. Nearly two weeks later, it was reduced to $1 million after defense lawyers claimed that the first sum was disproportionate and violated the Texas Constitution.

Quinones was confident that Clark would get his bond reduced once he complied with the judge’s requirements.

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“He asked us to choose a bail bonding business that would provide fast notification of any GPS monitoring infractions. We did so, “said Quinones.

She added that they provided Clark’s passport card and complied with his financial affidavit. “So it begs the question as to what other reasons there are outside the fact that this case is a high profile that would prevent the court from reducing it to something reasonable, “added Quinones.

The judge kept the possibility of modifying the bond amount open if the counsel raised new issues. The Texas Constitution prohibits using a bond to detain a person. It’s implemented to ensure the accused shows up to court.

Man Accused Of Killing Migos Rapper Takeoff Released On Bond
Man Accused Of Killing Migos Rapper Takeoff Released On Bond

Thirty-four persons were reportedly present outside the 810 Billiards and Bowling facility before the shooting that killed TakeOff, according to the search warrant examined by KHOU 11.

Police claim that Quavo got into a fight with two males after they won money in a dice game. Later, one of them was revealed to be Cameron Joshua. He is accused of using weapons.

A violent altercation started, and two males then started firing. Police claimed that Clark was one of those males.

Police claimed that while holding a wine bottle in one hand and bringing out a revolver, Clark can be seen on film shooting several bullets. Clark is seen rushing to the House of Blues, where he left the wine bottle after the incident. When authorities eventually got it examined, the fingerprints matched those of Clark.

According to investigators, forensic evidence shows that only Clark could have fired a weapon from where both men were standing and hit TakeOff. Takeoff received two gunshot wounds: one to the head and one to the back.

On December 1, the HPD Gang Division stopped a car and detained Clark. Although he was carrying a gun at the time, it was not the one that was used to murder TakeOff. During his arrest, he remained silent.

What Was The Shooting Timeline For Takeoff?

The sudden passing of Kirshnic Khari Ball, better known by his stage name TakeOff, shocked not only the hip-hop scene but the entire world.

November 1 — TakeOff, a rapper from the Migos, went to a private party at Houston’s 810 Billiards and Bowling Alley with his groupmate and uncle Quavo. More than 30 individuals gathered outside the premises after the party ended. A heated fight over a game of dice resulted in TakeOff being shot and killed.

The day TakeOff was killed, police addressed the crowd and begged for assistance in catching TakeOff’s killer. After the shooting, all the witnesses who had gathered at the private party fled, according to investigators, and nobody had come forward to provide them with any information on the shooter.

“I want to address our city. Houston, and each of your neighborhood siblings, “Troy Finner, the chief of the Houston Police Department, remarked on the shooting day. “I’m urging you to take the initiative and act.

At least 40 people attended this gathering, although several left—possibly out of fear. I have one question for you, and I want it to be understood by everyone. What if it had been your kid or your brother? You will need someone to take the lead, so please do so.”

November 2 — TakeOff’s death was determined to be a homicide by a medical examiner. According to them, the rapper had “gunshot wounds of the head and chest into the arm.”

November 3 — When asked by KHOU 11 if she tried to save TakeOff’s life, a nurse who lived across the street from the incident said she was powerless to do so.

The nurse claimed she didn’t want to move since she saw people running and believed there was an active shooter nearby, but as everything calmed down, she claimed to have heard a scream.

“That appears to be the victim. That individual has been shot, “She spoke. “It sounded like an agonized cry. It was an agonizing wail, yet it wasn’t physical.”

Later, she discovered that the cry originated from Quavo. He was pleading for an ambulance and trying to find assistance.

TakeOff was laid to rest on November 11 at a memorial service in Atlanta. Some well-known musicians, including Justin Bieber, Chloe Bailey, and Yolanda Adams, attended to pay their respects. Also present were dozens more fans.

November 12 — Quavo posted a touching letter to his nephew on Instagram the day after TakeOff was laid to rest, referring to him as his “angel.”

December 2 — At a news conference, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, HPD Chief Troy Finner, and others announced an arrest in TakeOff’s shooting killing.

Was Patrick Xavier Clark, 33, Charged With Murder?

Shortly after the incident, according to court records, Clark sought an expedited passport and stated that he was traveling to Mexico. When he was taken into custody, he possessed a key and a sizable sum of cash.

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