Natasha Lyonne In Poker Face Trailer
Natasha Lyonne In Poker Face Trailer

Natasha Lyonne In Poker Face Trailer: When Will The New Season Release?

Natasha Lyonne In Poker Face Trailer:¬†Since the release of Russian Doll, which brought Natasha Lyonne back into the general public’s consciousness, there has been a persistent drumbeat for her to portray a contemporary interpretation of Columbo, the renowned TV investigator Peter Falk made famously.

Poker Face is a “howcatchem” case-of-the-week mystery show featuring Natasha Lyonne as Charlie Cale, a lady with striking intuition who solves murders wherever she goes. Rian Johnson heard the wishes of the internet and gave Poker Face to us.

Poker Face does not try to pass itself off as anything other than a modern adaptation of the Columbo formula. Still, the trailer does present a more overarching plot that connects the case-of-the-week episodes.

Charlie has an uncanny ability to detect when other people are lying, which lands her in hot water with a shady-looking character portrayed by Adrien Brody. Consequently, she is on the run while simultaneously solving new crimes every week.

Regardless of how well it is made, Poker Face is almost destined to get lost in the sea of other streaming content because it is only available on Peacock, a streaming service that practically no one uses. Although I enjoy and am interested in it, I wish it was available on another streaming service.

However, it does have an attractive appearance. In the same vein as the Benoit Blanc mysteries, Poker Face features a star-studded ensemble cast, which is then anchored by Lyonne, who plays another colorful detective. It is probably effortless to book some of these people when they only have to come in for a few days, as opposed to the months it takes to make a movie.

This is an excellent casting choice since I would watch Natasha Lyonne read a takeout menu, let alone play a wise-cracking private investigator who drives a superb automobile. Although less surprising than Daniel Craig in the role of a Southern-fried gentleman investigator, Michael Caine is nevertheless incredibly terrific.

And the filmmakers of the episodes that have been confirmed thus far, like Rian Johnson, Lyonne herself, and Janicza Bravo, are all extremely talented. Everything about Poker Face looks excellent, and given the recent surge in popularity of lighthearted murder mysteries, it may be able to triumph over the Peacock disadvantage after all.

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When Will The First Episode Of The New Season Of Poker Face Be Released?

When it comes to a modern version of Columbo, I’m more interested in bringing back the weekly mystery format than in remaking Columbo himself. The primary reason is that Columbo has stood the test of time, particularly the first few episodes that aired in the 1970s.

Natasha Lyonne In Poker Face Trailer
Natasha Lyonne In Poker Face Trailer

But Columbo’s popularity skyrocketed in the early days of the epidemic in the year 2020. If Poker Face did manage to break through the streaming noise, I wonder if anybody could resist a complete revival of the series. If it takes place, that is, if we do get a new Columbo, there is, as far as I’m concerned, really only one option:

A legal dispute involving the co-creators of Columbo, William Link, and the estate of Richard Levinson and NBCUniversal has been going on for years. At issue in this dispute are the rights to the Columbo television series. There will almost certainly be a relaunch of the Columbo television series at some point in the future (the franchise is too profitable not to do so). When that time comes, Jake Johnson will be ready for it.

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