What Happened To Stella Kidd On Chicago Fire?
What Happened To Stella Kidd On Chicago Fire?

What Happened To Stella Kidd On Chicago Fire? Is She Leaving Chicago Fire?

What Happened To Stella Kidd On Chicago Fire? Despite the impending season 10 finale, interest in Chicago Fire is still high. The return of Miranda Rae Mayo’s Stella Kidd, who had been absent for most of the current season, relieved the NBC show’s viewers.

Then, we’ll discuss Stella Kidd’s fate in Chicago Fire and attempt to determine when NBC will resume Season 10.

What Happened To Stella Kidd On Chicago Fire?

Stella’s character has been on “furlough leave” for a few episodes, which explains why she hasn’t been seen on Chicago Fire.

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Severide has been struggling since she hasn’t been able to talk to Stella, whose vacation provided her time to concentrate on the Girls on Fire initiative, but her absence has been difficult for her.

Jason Pelham, played by Brett Dalton, has been in command of the vehicle while Stella has been away. With Severide, this has just made matters worse.

Is She Leaving Chicago Fire?

There have always been intentions to bring Stella return to the program, according to executive producer Derek Haas, who spoke with Tv line in November 2021. Before their hiatus, Chicago Fire hinted at Stella’s comeback, and in the show’s 10th season winter finale, he made good on that promise.

In the Winter Finale, Stella had a small role. At their apartment, Severide was taken aback by her. The joyful reunion continued when she returned to be 51 in January 2022 for the winter premiere.

It wasn’t a big surprise that Stella had to explain going missing. For some time, it was unclear to the public if she was genuinely returning or if she would once more forsake her colleagues. The character wouldn’t be leaving the program anytime soon, Derek stated in a subsequent interview with TV Line in December 2021.

Before the winter debut, he commented, “Yes, she’s back for good, but she has a lot to explain. “The next group of episodes will be driven by Stella Kidd’s return to Firehouse 51 and all of its ramifications,” he stated.

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