Hugh Jackman Begs Academy Not To "Validate" Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman Begs Academy Not To “Validate” Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman formally requested The Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts And Sciences not to support or validate Ryan Reynolds earlier today.

As part of a message on social media today that was allegedly about sparing himself from the intolerable “Oscar-nominated talent Ryan Reynolds” before they spend the next year filming the upcoming Deadpool movie together, Jackman gave his humorous pleading. The real purpose, of course, was to acknowledge Reynolds and the rest of Spirited’s cast and crew, as the song “Good Afternoon” from that film was reportedly shortlisted for an Oscar.

According to Billboard, Jackman said that if Ryan Reynolds received a nomination for best song, the following year would be unbearable for him. The actor said, “It would be an issue.”

Hugh Jackman Begs Academy Not To "Validate" Ryan Reynolds
Hugh Jackman Begs Academy Not To “Validate” Ryan Reynolds

Of course, it’s not difficult to read between the cheerful lines given that he and Reynolds are friends and that Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, Jackman’s Greatest Showman friends, collaborated on the music for Spirited. Don’t get me wrong. I adored Spirited, Jackman stated. We had the pleasure of seeing it as a family, and it’s a terrific movie.

Octavia Spencer and Will Ferrell are both people I adore. Benj Pasek, Justin Paul, and I performed together in The Greatest Showman. They are amazing, and I like their music. And by the way, what about “Good Afternoon,” the song? It made me giggle the entire time; it is excellent.

(According to Billboard, Reynolds cannot be included as a nominee for “Good Afternoon” because the category does not honor performers; instead, the nomination would go to the song’s writers, Khiyon Hursey, Sukari Jones, Benj Pasek, Justin Paul, and Mark Sonnenblick.)

This year’s Best Song shortlist also includes songs written by Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. Before the Oscars on March 12 and on January 24, the actual nominations will be announced.

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