Jimmy Kimmel Invites Texas 'Popcorn Guy' To Oscars
Jimmy Kimmel Invites Texas 'Popcorn Guy' To Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel Invites Texas ‘Popcorn Guy To Oscars!

Texas’ own “Popcorn Guy,” who went viral last week, was invited to serve up his talents at Hollywood’s most extraordinary celebration. He was allowed to demonstrate his movie theater popcorn mastery live on late-night television.

On January 4, Jason Grosboll spoke with Jimmy Kimmel live from the Corpus Christi Cinemark theater where he works. In the brief but beautiful interview, Grosboll claimed he was unaware of his internet fame on TikTok, where he has amassed more than 20 million views over two videos (one displaying his skills at regular speed and the other without any cuts).

In a joke with a buddy and coworker five years ago, Grosboll, who has worked at the theater for ten years, claimed the gimmick began as a method to make his job more enjoyable. The post-viral experience, he claimed, had been “wonderful.”

Jimmy Kimmel Invites Texas 'Popcorn Guy' To Oscars
Jimmy Kimmel Invites Texas ‘Popcorn Guy To Oscars

The Live! presenter always requests a big bowl of popcorn with extra butter, so Kimmel encourages him to comply.

Before the initial layer of popcorn is scooped up and sent flying, Grosboll flips the snack holder and applies a light coating of theater butter while holding a pool of popcorn and his “trusty bucket.”

Before adding the subsequent layer of popcorn, he spins the bucket again. He then adds the subsequent squirt of butter. A last spin and toss of the bucket are performed before he repeats the previous procedure and adds a sizeable final scoop of popcorn and a butter drizzle.

As he continues the interview spinning empty popcorn buckets on his finger like a basketball, Grosboll amazes Kimmel and the audience.

“I’m surprised you haven’t joined the Harlem Globetrotters,” Kimmel joked.

Grosboll was asked by Kimmel, who will be hosting the Oscars on March 12, if he could take the weekend off to demonstrate his acting chops at the most renowned ceremony in the movie business.

Grosboll said that he would “absolutely do it” if he could get the time off, following Kimmel’s remark that “[the Oscars] certainly need the world’s greatest popcorn bucket filler at the Dolby Theater.”

You can watch Jimmy Kimmel Live! Segment below: 

There is a lot of love and support for Grosboll in the comments on the official film uploaded to Jimmy Kimmel Live! Facebook page and YouTube channel.

“I always got pumped when Jason was working cause he always made it fun to order popcorn. Glad to see him get the attention he deserves. This man loves his job and has a1 customer service,” said Juan Perez Tattoo, who said they live in Corpus and visit the theater frequently.

“He seems like such a cool guy. Giving people some fun is much needed these days,” Sara D’Ann Jackson said.

“King of Popcorn! Imagine if every one of us took joy in our jobs – what a wonderful world,” Cynthia Joan Pelon Jarrad said.

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