Carlos Correa Reveals What Kept Giants Mets From Signing Him!

A busy offseason was had by Carlos Correa.

Deals with three teams were accepted by him. Naturally, the Minnesota Twins are the only team he can play for.

The San Francisco Giants and Correa first came to terms on a 13-year, $350 million contract. That deal, however, collapsed after a Giants doctor objected to Correa’s physical, and the New York Mets pounced.

After that, they reportedly decided to move him to third base and pay him $315 million over the following twelve years.

There was only one issue: Per Correa, the Mets went to the same physician that the NL West team had.

Carlos Correa Reveals What Kept Giants Mets From Signing Him
Carlos Correa Reveals What Kept Giants Mets From Signing Him

“The Giants used an ankle specialist who didn’t pass me,’’ Correa told The Athletic. “Then the Mets used the same specialist, who obviously wasn’t going to pass me. He had already given an opinion to another team about my ankle. He was not going to change that. He was going to stand by what he was saying, of course, because that is what he believed.’’

The physical issue is caused by a rod in Correa’s ankle following surgery in 2014. Correa’s contract with the Mets was never finalized due to much back and forth. With their suggested contract, the Mets were prepared to guarantee Correa $157.5 million over the first six years.

Ultimately, a deal between the Twins and Correa was reached, but Minnesota was unwilling to offer Correa as long of a contract. Correa’s deal with them is only good for half as long as it would have been with the Mets.

The 28-year-old Correa committed to a $200 million six-year deal.

“We did have other ankle specialists look at it and say it was going to be fine,” Correa said. But the one doctor used by the Giants and Mets “never touched me or seen me or done a test on me.”

The shortstop has played at least 140 games just twice in his eight-year career and has been placed on the injured list seven times, but never for an ankle injury (2016, 2021). Due to two trips to the injured list, the 28-year-old featured in 136 games in the previous campaign. Please forward this to your friends if you find it interesting. is the best place to find the latest and updated information about your favorite celebs.

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