selena gomez golden globes
selena gomez golden globes

Selena Gomez Golden Globes: Response From Selena Gomez To Body Shamers

Selena Gomez Golden Globes: The breathtakingly beautiful and multifaceted American singer attended the Golden Globes on Tuesday, and her alluring appearance drew a lot of negative remarks about her physique on social media. Selena Gomez, a vocal proponent of body positivity, later provided the appropriate response that was justly due for these body-shamers. So let’s dive further into it right away.

Response From Selena Gomez To Body Shamers

Selena Gomez endured attacks from body shamers even though not everyone who saw her at the Golden Globes shared her opinion. She was beyond excited to attend the Golden Globes, but her appearance was severely criticized.

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After that incredible evening, Selena Gomez and her nine-year-old sister Gracie appeared on her Instagram live. The renowned American singer declared: “I am a little bit huge right now since I loved myself throughout the holidays.”

Right?” Selena Gomez then asked Gracie as she turned to face her. She continued, “But we don’t care, ” and her younger sister nodded in agreement, which caused Selena to laugh out loud. Selena Gomez just shut the lips of the body shamers, which was a suitable response.

She later released this incredible film on TikTok, where many of her followers gathered. One of them commented, “She shouldn’t have to explain why her body looks the way it does.”

Another commenter said she must feel quite insecure about others seeing her on those occasions. She is flawless and doesn’t require an explanation.

selena gomez golden globes-

Her followers have said she is flawless and beautiful in any shape. Therefore, her net worth in the industry is unaffected even if she has gained weight or feels overweight. Her body does not define who she is, and her skills would be in demand whether she is thick or slim.

The idea that superstars should always maintain their physical features and attractively formed body shapes is false. If they put on some weight, onlookers on the internet would gush about their figure and make derogatory remarks about it.

What matters most in the profession is their unique talents, not whether they are physically fit or gorgeous. Therefore, Selena Gomez’s treatment at the Golden Globe Awards was disgusting and demonstrated the objectification of women.

Selena Gomez was stunning in a shimmering black velvet gown with enormous purple sleeves also made of the same material. She also wore a gorgeous dress with a daring off-the-shoulder neckline. She accessorized her outfit with a pair of sparkling rings and a pair of diamond earrings. She looked dashing overall, thanks to her team of high heels, long ponytail, and light cosmetics, and she was undeniably stunning.

People ponder why some commented on her physique, given that she was breathtakingly attractive and impossible to look away from.

Selena Gomez received a Golden Globe nomination for the first time in her career for her puzzling part in Only Murders in the Building on Hulu. Selena Gomez was ecstatic and euphoric when the nominations were announced, and she claimed it was a dream come true for her.

The Golden Globes celebrated exceptional talent, and Selena Gomez was fortunate enough to attend. Despite the challenges she faced, Selena’s value in the business was unaffected by the event.


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Selena Gomez Quick Look

Selena Marie Gomez is the most notable American singer, actor, and producer, and she plays an essential part in the sign industry. When we examine Selena Gomez’s acting history, we find that she only recently debuted in Barney & Friends. Selena Gomez played Alex Russo on the Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place when she was a young, energetic teen. One of the significant parts she began propelled her career to notoriety.

Another Cinderella Story, Ramona, and Beezus, The Wizard of the Waverly Place: The Movie, Monte Carlo, Spring Breakers, Neighbors2: Sorority Rising, and The Dead Don’t Die are just a few of the notable movies Selena Gomez has starred in.

Selena Gomez has received a considerable number of honors and has been nominated countless times. Selena has won four People’s Choice Awards, an MTV Video Music Award, an American Music Award, 15 Guinness World Records, an iHeartRadio Music Award, six Latin Grammy Awards, and an iHeartRadio Music Award.

She was also a nominee for a Latin Grammy, seven Billboard Music Awards, and two Grammys.

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