Netflix Unveils Korean Slate For 2023
Netflix Unveils Korean Slate For 2023

Netflix Unveils Korean Content Slate For 2023

As the worldwide audience for K-content continues to expand, Netflix plans to release a wide variety of Korean T.V. series, movies, and unscripted shows in 2023.

In their largest-ever roster of Korean films and shows, including original creations and returning fan favorites, Netflix is showing 34 new movies after discovering that over 60% of all Netflix users watched Korean titles last year.

The subject of survival frequently appears in the best series, whether fighting monsters in Gyeongseong Creature’s grim 1945, surviving in Black Knight’s dystopian future, or defending Joseon from the Japanese in Song of the Bandits’ action drama.

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This year, fans can look forward to the comeback of eagerly awaited series, including Sweet Home, D.P., and The Glory. The second installment of the revenge thriller The Glory, which has 82.48 million viewing hours in the week of January 2, will be released in March.

While D.P. brings back the actors from the first season to continue pursuing deserters, Sweet Home, which established new standards for the creature genre in Korea, will return with an expanded setting and story.

According to Don Kang, VP of Content at Netflix, “the worldwide appeal of K-content has continued to climb over 2022, providing audiences throughout the world a larger selection of tales and genres” (Korea). Three of Netflix’s all-time most popular shows are from Korea, and Korean series and movies have consistently appeared in our Global Top 10 list in more than 90 countries over the past year.

Netflix Unveils Korean Slate For 2023
Netflix Unveils Korean Slate For 2023

With the stories we tell and the methods we use to convey them, we’re pushing the boundaries even further this year. With this selection of Korean movies, Netflix will remain the top source for engaging, interesting, and must-watch Korean storytelling.

This year’s new television series span various genres, from romance in programs like A Time Called You and Destined With You to social commentary and mystery in Bloodhounds and Celebrity to drama in Daily Dose Of Sunshine and Queenmaker to even post-apocalyptic themes in Goodbye Earth.

Six Korean films are also being added to Netflix’s film library. The sci-fi thriller JUNG-E will debut on January 20. It will be followed by Kill Boksoon, which is about a professional killer with conflicting maternal instincts, and Believer 2, a follow-up to a crime action thriller about drug gangs. In other movies, themes like hacking in Unlocked, teacher-student rivalry in The Match, and revenge in Ballerina are explored.

For those who like reality television, Netflix offers a wide variety of options, such as shows about endurance like Physical:100 and Siren: Survive the Island, shows about zombie survival like Zombieverse, shows about adolescence like Nineteen to Twenty, and shows about mind games like The Devil’s Plan.

In addition, two new documentaries are scheduled for release: In The Name of God: A Holy Betrayal, a look at the self-styled “messiahs” in contemporary Korean history, and Yellow Door: Looking For Director Bong’s Unreleased Short Film, which follows the search for Bong Joon-first Ho’s film and has the working title “Looking For Director Bong’s Unreleased Short Film.”

According to Kang, “We are enthusiastic about the range of titles we share with our members. Everyone can find a good series, movie, or unscripted program, and we look forward to our Korean shows gaining admirers domestically and abroad.

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