Adam James Butch Obituary

Adam James Butch Obituary: How Did He Die?

On September 18, 2019, a startling obituary found its way into the reality series The Incredible Dr. Pol.

Due to the family member’s intermittent appearances in the series, viewers were well aware of the loss of the beloved veterinarian. It was none other than Adam, age 23, the grandson of Dr. Pol.

How Did Adam James Butch Die?

Adam had a whole life ahead of him, but regrettably, it was brutally cut short at 23. Although the family has not yet disclosed the cause of his death, many have concluded using some available data.

Adam James Butch Obituary

The consensus is that a hereditary malignancy may have caused his death. For those who don’t know, Gregory, Adam’s father, lost his battle with cancer and died as a result.

Adam allegedly participated in the Riley for Life Committee, which is connected to and raises money for the American Cancer Society, according to Vet Shows.

However, this accusation is somewhat illogical, given that he had previously shown no symptoms and was visibly working for a different employer before the unfortunate incident.

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Another group of people thinks he might have had depression, which might have contributed to his passing, and explained why his family chose not to disclose it.

What About Adam James Butch?

Adam was Gregory and Kathy Butch’s first son, born on August 20, 1996. Adam’s mother and maternal grandparents, Dr. Pol and his wife, raised him after his father died when he was still a little.

Adam attended various schools, including St. Stanislaus Elementary, MacGregor Elementary, Holy Family Middle, and Adam James Butch Obituary. All Saints High School before receiving his diploma in 2014.

He spent some time away from home working as a computer teacher at Michigan State University, but when he returned, he decided to become a pharmacy technician.

He started working for Rite Aid two days before his terrible death. People praised Adam and compared him to his grandpa Dr. Pol because of his active involvement in social activities.

He has made a few appearances in Dr. Pol’s reality shows and has consistently done well.

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