Is Cher Engaged

Is Cher Engaged? How Did Their Affair Start?

In November, the two of them started dating each other. They were seen by fans cuddling up to one another and holding hands while doing so.

Their age difference is forty, and they have both been mocked for their relationship because of it. However, this has never deterred Cher, as she has addressed these rumors in the past and stated, “Love doesn’t know math.”

Cher has been married twice, the first time to the late Sonny Bono and the second time to the musician Gregg Allman, with whom she has two kids, Chaz and Elijah, respectively.

As for Alexander, he was previously in a relationship with Amber Rose for three years.

Are Cher And Alexander Edwards Already Engaged?

On Christmas Day, Cher flaunted a breathtaking diamond ring, which led many people to believe that she was going to announce that she was going to get engaged to her boyfriend, Alexander “A.E.” Edwards. Now, a reliable source is elucidating the nature of her talent.

Cher’s diamond ring, given to her by Alexander “A.E. Edwards,” is nothing more than a sign of love, so save your tears.

Is Cher Engaged

On Christmas Day, the singer of “Believe” ignited engagement speculations when she posted a photo of the music producer clutching a ring and tweeted, “THERE R NO WORDS, ALEXANDER, A.E.” The message led to speculation that the two were about to get engaged.

Now, a source is setting the record straight on the present, telling E! News in an exclusive interview that “they are not engaged” and that the sparkler is “simply a beautiful gift.” Previously, there was confusion around the present.

A little more than one month has passed since the first time Cher and her boyfriend were seen together, and it was during a nice night out in West Hollywood.

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Since then, Cher’s boyfriend has given her a show-stopping Christmas gift. During the activity that took place on November 2, the pair walked into a restaurant holding hands the entire time.

After a few days, the winner of the Grammy approved the couple’s blossoming romance by tweeting a photo of Alexander.

Who has a son named Slash, with his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose and captioning the shot with an emoji of a red heart. However, the proclamation of love continued from that point.

How Did Their Affair Start?

After being asked by a supporter if Alexander was, in fact, her “new man,” Cher responded with an emoji of a smiling face with two hearts below it.

When another person tweeted, she reacted in the same manner as before, “Good for you. Have fun with what you’re doing and the people you’re with, and ignore the rest of the world. You have earned the right to be content.”

And when a third person commented that the producer, who was 36 at the time, “better be treating you like the queen you are,” the 76-year-old woman responded by adding, “LIKE A [crown emoji].”

And in the face of criticism regarding the age gap between the couple, the mother of two children, who has previously been married to Sonny Bono and Gregg Allman, made it very apparent that she’s got him, babe.

It was on November 6 that she posted, “I’m Not Defending us.” “The Haters Will Always Hate… It Makes No Difference That We’re Happy and Not Interfering with Anyone Else.”

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