How Many Times Has Tom Brady Been Married

How Many Times Has Tom Brady Been Married?

Currently, Tom Brady is going through a difficult time on both a personal and professional level. Tom’s squad had a solid start to the current season with two straight victories, but they then suffered two consecutive losses.

This time around, Tom’s numbers weren’t terrible, but they weren’t particularly noteworthy. Additionally, he has been seen yelling violently at his teammates multiple times throughout the games.

According to several NFL fans, the frustration caused by all the “personal sh*t” he is dealing with is the cause of his irrational outbursts and tablet-breaking binge.

It all began when Tom arrived at the training camp 11 days late. Brady responded that he had a lot going on in his personal life when questioned about the cause of his absence.

How Many Times Has Tom Brady Been Married?

After that, many rumors of a falling-out between Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen started to surface. In reality, it was previously rumored that Tom and Gisele had begun living apart and were investigating their possibilities for divorce.

One of the most adored couples in the world is Tom and Gisele. They got married in February 2009; since then, they’ve been blessed with two exceptional children.

How Many Times Has Tom Brady Been Married

Additionally, Bridget Moynahan and Tom had a son in 2007, who they called John Jack Edward Thomas Moynahan before Tom and Gisele married.

Although many people think that Gisele is Tom’s second wife because he had a son with Bridget before being married to the supermodel, the truth is that Tom and Bridget split up before they even had the chance to talk about getting married.

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The renowned player has only ever been married once, and based on the most recent reports, that marriage may soon dissolve.

However, many people blame Tom’s unretirement for the marriage breakdown, and sources close to the pair claim that the real cause is entirely different.

Even though all of the kids were in the stadium cheering on their father, Gisele chose not to attend Tampa’s opening home game of the year.

Although there have been further rumors of a divorce, the pair hasn’t yet made an official statement.

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