Why Has Andrew Tate Commits To $100 Million Donation To Defend Men's Rights?

Why Has Andrew Tate Commits To $100 Million Donation To Defend Men’s Rights?

The sexist influencer Andrew Tate, accused of rape and human trafficking in Romania, said again on Sunday that “The Matrix” or someone else will try to murder him.

On December 29 of last year, Tate, his brother, and two other people were detained on suspicion of human trafficking.

According to Reuters, the prosecution claims they “appear to have constructed an organized crime gang with the objective of recruiting, housing, and exploiting women by compelling them to produce pornographic content.”

Tate and the others refute the accusations, and he has continued to do so on Twitter even after being imprisoned.

Tate wrote on Twitter on Sunday, “I updated my will from prison.” “I’m giving $100 million to fund a charity to defend men against unfounded claims.”

A member of his staff is probably sending out Tate’s tweets, but Insider has noted that Tate could still have access to a phone and tweet from it.

Authorities in Romania think Tate and the others coerced six women into producing internet pornographic material. Andrew Tate Commits To $100 Million Donation To Defend Men’s Rights. At least one of the six women is alleged to have been raped by him.

Tate’s net worth is hotly contested; he and his supporters claim it to be in the $300 million range. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his net worth is $50 million.

According to Thrivent, a financial services organization, there are many options for people to include charitable contributions in their wills.

Why Has Andrew Tate Commits To $100 Million Donation To Defend Men’s Rights?

According to several Twitter users, Tate thinks he might become like Jeffrey Epstein. Before his trial, Epstein, who was suspected of running a sex trafficking ring, was discovered dead in his cell.

Although a coroner determined that he committed himself, numerous conspiracy theorists disagree with this conclusion.

Why Has Andrew Tate Commits To $100 Million Donation To Defend Men's Rights?

Nevertheless, the ex-kickboxer started saying things before his arrest that seemed to imply someone was out to get him.

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He tweeted on December 14: “If they kill me, I love you all.” The same day, he added, “Soon they will try and kill me” to another tweet.

Why Said, “Soon, The Matrix Will Try To Kill Me. I Will Never Attempt Suicide Again.”

Since entering the jail, he has also commented on social media about being “attacked” by “The Matrix” there. However, the evidence for this is debatable, according to Insider.

According to Tate, “The Matrix” conspiracy comprises “systems that civilization is creating intentionally designed to enslave.”

However, Insider stated that even Tate’s lawyer, Eugen Vidineac, did not consider the conspiracy idea in a January 18 interview.

Since I have a serious career, I decided against asking my client about the “Matrix” narrative because I assumed it was related to media or online platforms, Vidineac stated.

Tate has spoken about the jail’s unfavorable conditions and claimed that the guards there mistreated him.

Tate wrote, “Cockroaches, lice, and bed bugs are my only companions at night,” in an email to subscribers on January 24.

Who Said, “They’re Trying To Break Me In,” Possibly Referring To The Guards?

Until February 27, Tate, his brother, and the other two remain imprisoned in Romania. At the request of the authorities.

According to the Romanian government, a court may extend their detention in 30-day increments, but not for more than 180 days.

Before retiring in 2020, kickboxer Tate relocated to Romania in 2017, according to The Los Angeles Times.

In a now-deleted video, he said he chose to settle in Romania because he thought the country’s sexual assault regulations were inadequate.

Tate has gained a sizable following for his misogynistic viewpoints, which include claims that women “belong to the man” and are “failing” in their responsibilities as housewives and mothers, according to the Times.

The manosphere figure remarked on the podcast “Anything Goes With James English” in 2021, “You can’t trash me because I will announce right now that I am completely sexist and I’m a misogynist, and I have ‘fuck you money’ and you can’t take that away.”

Tate once said that he would “knock out the machete, boom in her face, and grip her up by the neck” if a woman accused him of cheating.


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