Kaitlyn Bristowe And Chris Harrison
Kaitlyn Bristowe And Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison Says, “Bachelorette” Co-Hosts Kaitlyn Bristowe And Tayshia Adams Were “Set Up To Fail”

Chris Harrison explained why he thought that The Bachelorette co-hosts Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams were “doomed to fail.”

The 51-year-old television personality and former Bachelor Nation host said “the only thing” that upset him when he learned that Kaitlyn Bristowe, 37, and Tayshia Adams, 32, were taking over hosting duties was that two hosts were named on the most recent episode of his new podcast The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever with Chris Harrison.

Chris Harrison Says, "Bachelorette" Co-Hosts Kaitlyn Bristowe And Tayshia Adams Were "Set Up To Fail"

He said to Kaitlyn Bristowe on the show, “You were destined to fail. “Your failure was predetermined. That could never have been a success. There is not enough room for two people to watch the show, which I again know better than anyone.”

He said, “There’s no room for two mentors. “The was never going to work because there isn’t room for two emotions in that mental area that you’re controlling.”

Harrison said co-hosting the show would be “awkward and tough.”

Bristowe — who did not return to host Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia‘s season of The Bachelorette — said co-hosting the show “didn’t feel professional.”

She said of her and Tayshia Adams: “It made us feel foolish and funny with each other, where we didn’t take it as serious [sic] as one person would have.” And as you noted, there isn’t enough room for two people to occupy that space.

Harrison responded: “To have two women hosting The Bachelorette, so now you have three women, that’s a lot in that space. I don’t know how you’re set up to succeed there.”

They addressed Bristowe’s allegations as well. After she took over as co-host of The Bachelorette, Harrison fell silent.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant revealed she cried “my eyes out” and that their friendship “just felt like it went down the toilet” after Harrison did not reply to her texts on last week’s session of the Not Skinny but Not Fat podcast. Bristowe informed Harrison that she now “completely” comprehends why he remained silent at the time.

Harrison explained why he didn’t reply to Bristowe when the news first surfaced in March 2021.

“I was the mentor — somewhat of a father figure — where I listened. And I asked questions, and I was all about you and your life because that was my job, and I care,” he said. “And I took a lot of pride in that, and that’s how our relationship started.”

“This time, I required more than just a simple “Hey, how are you?” Are you alright? not “Are you cool with me taking the show and you’re indispensable?” And although I appreciated their kind sentiments, I didn’t have the energy to deal with anything at that time, “He went on. By the way, I was not at all concerned about who would be hosting, who would be the next mentor or the direction the show would take.

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