Father, Mother, And 12 Year Old Son Found Shot To Death In Andover Ma Shooting
Father, Mother, And 12 Year Old Son Found Shot To Death In Andover Ma Shooting

Father, Mother, And 12 Year Old Son Found Shot To Death In Andover Ma Shooting

In an apparent murder-suicide, a couple and their 12-year-old son were discovered dead in their Andover home early on Thursday.

Just around 3:21 in the morning, according to Andover Police Chief Pat Keefe, the family’s Porter Road residence dialed 911. About five minutes after they arrived, the police “had to breach two doors to get into the house.”

“They discovered a 12-year-old son, the mother, and the father all dead. Gunshot wounds were present, “Keefe informed journalists during a press briefing.

They were later identified as Sebastian Robinson, 56, his mother, Linda, 55, and his father, Andrew Robinson, 56.

“The incident appears to be a tragic case of domestic violence and murder-suicide,” the Essex County District Attorney’s office said in a statement. “Andrew Robinson died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

The boy’s school, St. John’s Prep in Danvers, where he was a sixth-grader, was contacted by Andover Police, according to Essex District Attorney Paul Tucker, and classes there were canceled for the day.

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“As I’ve talked with his teachers this morning, the description they’ve consistently offered is that he was a very gentle soul who felt very grateful to be a part of the Prep community, had a tremendous friend group, was very connected to our music program, to our campus ministry program, and just someone who was very well-loved as a gentle soul,” said Ed Hardiman, the school’s head of school, on Thursday.

“We know the how; we’re trying to figure out the why right now,” Keefe said.

According to Tucker, the situation is “contained,” and there is no risk to the general population. He refused to say who made the 911 call from the house.

“Additionally, I want to make sure that we thank the local first responders. We must reflect on the past few weeks in Massachusetts to see the challenges our first responders, State Police detectives, municipal detectives, local police officers, firefighters, and EMS have faced. These challenges can be emotionally taxing as well. We are constantly worried about their welfare. These men and women work incredibly hard in incredibly challenging situations, “Tucker mentioned the recent incidents in Duxbury and Cohasset.

Jim Greer resides in the area. He claimed not to know the family but daily walked his dogs by the house.

“Very, very concerning,” Greer said, adding that it was reassuring knowing police said there was no threat to the public. “Andover has been a pretty safe community. I’ve been living here for 40 years or so. Stuff like this happens everywhere. Unfortunately, no area will be untouched from gun violence.”

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