I Am Jazz Weight Gain
I Am Jazz Weight Gain

The Unfortunate Truth About Jazz Jennings’ Weight Gain

When TLC revealed that Jazz Jennings would feature in her reality series about navigating life as a young transgender girl, the news shocked the world. I Am Jazz later became one of the most popular TLC shows, even though it was a contentious pick for the network at the time.

Since she was a young child, the I Am Jazz actress has been one of the most prominent LGBTQ+ individuals. Since she was six years old, Jazz and her family have made numerous TV appearances to raise awareness of transgender youngsters and combat the stigma around them.

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Her parents decided to tell her story. When she was still relatively minor. As a result, she discussed being transgender on numerous national news and discussion shows. But things weren’t as good as they appeared. The terrible reality regarding Jazz Jennings’ weight gain is as follows.

Jazz Jennings Admitted She Has A Problem With Unhealthy Eating Patterns


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The family does not always share everything with the audience. Because key details were kept hidden despite the TLC show, Jazz’s admirers were left in the dark for a while.

However, a lot of Jazz’s journey was tracked in the show. Jazz’s fans have witnessed her navigating dating and relationships, and they were happy for her when Harvard accepted her. But this was the catastrophic turning point.

Jazz faced severe mental health problems after realizing her dream of getting into Harvard, which forced the popular TLC show to take a break.

The Unfortunate Truth About Jazz Jennings' Weight Gain

Jazz disclosed that she started binge eating to deal with her mental health concerns and eventually put on about 100 pounds. Naturally, this wasn’t made public until after she had been chastised for her appearance.

Later, I Am Jazz followed Jazz’s journey as she battled her weight and attractiveness.

Even Her Family Fat-Shamed Her, According To Jazz

Although the Jennings family is well known for accepting their daughter and sister, many viewers feel that this season is different. Family members appear to be less accepting of Jazz’s weight increase than before they started talking to her about it.

Jazz has turned to eat as a coping mechanism for her issues with mental health. She claims that her family has humiliated her for being big, nevertheless. She admitted up front that she was embarrassed by their remarks.

The dynamics of her once-supportive family have changed as she witnesses them bickering over food and looking at her as she eats. I Am Jazz trailers featured Jazz participating in sports with pals while pleading with them to be kind to her because she wasn’t in shape.

The program’s focus, however, isn’t solely on Jazz’s transformation of her body and mind. Jazz hasn’t discussed her specific mental health problems in depth. Still, many of her followers assumed she was giving in to the pressure of portraying her adolescent years on television. Follow Newswatchlist on Twitter to get the latest information and news as it breaks.

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