Pembroke Pines Motorcycle Accident
Pembroke Pines Motorcycle Accident

Veteran Pembroke Pines Police Officer Killed In Motorcycle Accident!

Following the death in a crash on Thursday of a veteran Pembroke Pines police motorcycle officer, the South Florida law enforcement community was in sorrow.

The collision occurred around 184th Avenue and Sheridan Street, and video from the scene showed the motorcycle lying in the middle of the road with pieces of it all over the place.

Charles “Charlie” Herring, 54, a 22-year department veteran, was eventually revealed to be the officer. He is the first police officer in Pembroke Pines history to pass away while on duty.

“We lost a hero today,” said Chief Kipp Shimpeno.

Father and husband Herring leaves behind four kids.

“We are hurting here but at the same time I have a family of this that’s also hurting,” Shimpeno said.

According to Pembroke Pines Police, Herring was knocked from his motorcycle by a piece of debris that struck him after it had fallen from a tree. Despite cops’ and paramedics’ best efforts to save his life, he passed away.

Pembroke Pines Motorcycle Accident
Pembroke Pines Motorcycle Accident

“Charlie, we’re here we’re watching over your family we’re watching over each other just like you wanted us to do every day that you were here,” Shimpeno said. “Charlie’s touched pretty much every person in this agency and so many people in the community and it’s definitely going to take some time and a lot of togetherness to get through this.”

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“It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the untimely passing of a Pembroke Pines Police motorcycle officer who died in the line of duty while serving and protecting our community,” the department said in a statement Thursday. “We will continue to stand beside and support the officer’s family through this difficult time.”

Herring was in a “freak accident” while on routine patrol, according to Rod Skirvin, head of the Broward Police Benevolent Association.

“We’re looked at with very jaded eyes, we want to tell you that we’re out there to protect the community, to serve the community, and this officer died doing just that,” Skirvin said.

There was a considerable law enforcement presence at Memorial Regional Hospital, where the officer was brought following the collision.

Police escorted the officers remains in a parade from the hospital to the medical examiner’s office hours after it was reported that he had passed away.

The vicinity of the accident scene was sealed off as police conducted their investigation.

“He was known as a jolly guy…very friendly,” Skirvin said. “Just an all-around good guy.”

Before beginning his employment in Pembroke Pines, Herring, a former member of the U.S. Army, worked for three years as a police officer in Starke, Florida.

“Not only was he my friend, he’s been with our agency for 22 years,” Shimpeno said. “I’m now in year 29, to say that we haven’t worked our entire careers together we have.”

Authorities have not disclosed other details about the collision.

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