Loren And Alexei 90 Day Fiance

Loren And Alexei 90 Day Fiance: Are They Still In Florida?

To marry Loren on 90 Day Fiancé, Alexei traveled to Florida when he first arrived in the country. She first met Alexei in New York while he was working as a medic and assistant.

She would go to Israel to see him before he came to the U.S. On Thursday, she would arrive, and on Monday, she would depart.

She would then need to drop off her bags and return immediately to work. Loren was born in Parkland and raised in Florida.

They stayed with Bryan and Marlene Goldstone for eight months before relocating to their own house so they could start saving money.

Why Did 90-day Fiancé Couple Lorraine And Alexi Want To Move Out Of Miami?

The couple and their two boys, Shai and Asher, reside in South Florida. In 2020 Shai was born, and in 2021, Asher. Loren’s parents were an hour away from their house.

That upset Bryan and Marlene, but Loren and Alexei were willing to move to Arizona or California as they didn’t see Florida as their permanent residence.

Loren And Alexei 90 Day Fiance

In addition, Alexei had already submitted the necessary papers to bring his own family over and was working towards making that happen.

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According to InTouch, the pair is employed in Hallandale Beach, Florida. How they got there is as follows:

When Did Alexei And Loren Decide To Relocate From Florida To Israel?

In the currently airing Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days season 2 episode, Loren and Alexei announced their decision to go to Israel, telling Bryan and Marlene about it.

They believed their children needed to experience Alexei’s home country and gain an understanding of the local way of life.

The pair spent ten days in Israel with Bryan, Marlene, and the children in the television show. Marlene said she was concerned about the children being required to enlist in the Israel Defense Forces following conversations with both parents over the vacation.

Bryan also wanted his daughter to consult with a lawyer to learn about Israeli custody laws.

Are Lorraine And Alexi Still In Florida?

Favorite 90DF actor Alexei was enraged with his father-in-law for not having faith in him after their marriage had been going on for seven years.

He proclaimed, “I think at some point he will realize that if we decide things, we’re going to follow through with them, and if he’s against it, he will lose us forever.

Some fans, meanwhile, think that this plot is untrue. Since Loren and Alexei’s story is uninteresting, it may have been written to create drama.

However, thanks to the new mother’s Instagram, fans are now familiar with Loren and Alexei’s apartment.

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