George Takei Gay

George Takei Gay: Whom Did They Consider A Great Man?

The actor who played helmsman Sulu in the original Star Trek TV series, George Takei, has expressed doubt about the choice to make Sulu an out gay character in the upcoming film Star Trek Beyond.

Writer Simon Pegg intended the decision, made public on Thursday by new Sulu actor John Cho, as a tribute to Takei’s groundbreaking advocacy for LGBT rights.

Takei responded by telling the Hollywood Reporter that, far from being moved, he had urged Pegg and his team to reconsider the choice out of concern.

It did not honor the character as he had been conceived initially and sent a troubling message about whether people can suddenly change their sexuality.

Is George Takei Gay?

Takei expressed his happiness at the inclusion of a gay character. “Unfortunately, it’s a distortion of Gene Roddenberry’s work, which he put a lot of effort into. It’s pretty unfortunate, in my opinion.

Takei claimed that as soon as he learned of the plot development—which entails the revelation that Sulu had a daughter in addition to a same-sex partner—he voiced his worries.

George Takei Gay

Instead of Sulu, who had been straight all along, being suddenly revealed to be closeted, the actor reportedly urged the filmmakers to “get innovative and develop a character who has a history of being gay.”

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Takei continued pleading with Justin Lin, the film’s director, to “honor him and create a new character” because the movie debuts 50 years after Gene Roddenberry initially developed the Star Trek universe.

However, after receiving an email from Pegg explaining that the development was meant as a tribute, Takei was left with the impression that his concerns had not been taken into account, even though he had “left feeling that it was going to happen.”

Who Did They Consider A Great Man?

“And I reflected, ‘How beautiful! It’s a message from Simon Pegg to a fan. He and Justin had a conversation! I was a little perplexed.

He considers me a great person. Wonderful. What use did that letter serve, though? That, to me, indicated that what I had spoken had been heard.

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