Are Martin Truex And Sherry Pollex Still Together

Are Martin Truex And Sherry Pollex Still Together?

After 18 years of marriage, the 2017 NASCAR Cup champion and entrepreneur will divorce. Despite having second thoughts about competing in the NASCAR Cup Series again.

Truex decided to extend his agreement with Joe Gibbs Racing throughout the summer, securing his place in the No. 19 Toyota Camry in 2023, according to

Are Martin Truex And Sherry Pollex Still Together?

Since 2005, Truex and Pollex have been dating. Although it doesn’t appear that the couple is parents, a December 2020 Instagram picture reveals they own a puppy named Charlie.

According to USA Today, the couple first connected while Martin was developing his racing career and Sherry was working in racing public relations.

Are Martin Truex And Sherry Pollex Still Together

They got along well immediately, and Truex soon moved in with Pollex. Afterward, they purchased a home in Mooresville, North Carolina, a well-liked neighborhood for NASCAR families.

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The couple established the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation in 2007 to assist kids with pediatric cancer. They have since teamed together to raise money for several philanthropic events.

When Did Martin Truex Announce His Divorce On His Instagram Account?

“To my partners and admirers… We have decided to call it quits, Sherry and I,” he stated. “I’ll keep assisting Sherry in the future. There won’t be any more comments on this subject.

Has Sherry Pollex Openly Battled Ovarian Cancer?

Sherry received a stage three ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2014 and a five-year survival probability of 30%.

She admitted to The Athletic in 2022 that she had been in remission for three years at one point, but regrettably, her cancer returned2021. Despite this, she keeps a good attitude while she fights the illness.

Over the years, Pollex and Truex have spent a lot of time and energy educating people about the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Pollex founded as a means of “helping other women fight this dreadful cancer.”

The website aims to educate women about their bodies, how to spot ovarian cancer symptoms, and how integrative and holistic treatments can work in conjunction with mainstream therapy.

The website is a part of the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation, which changed its name to emphasize its commitment to ovarian and children malignancies.

Truex stated: “Sherry is the most complex and bravest woman I know in an interview for the website. She will undoubtedly alter how ovarian cancer is perceived and handled.

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