Who is Diego Tinoco Dating Right Now
Who is Diego Tinoco Dating Right Now

Who is Diego Tinoco Dating Right Now?

When the Hollywood hottie made his first appearance in season 6 of the supernatural hit show Teen Wolf, many people took notice. His big break came when he was cast as Cesar Diaz in the Spanish Netflix show On My Block.

Throughout the show, he loves Sierra Capri’s character, Monse. Fans thought the actors might be dating because their on-screen characters had such hot chemistry.

Distractify says that at the end of the movie, they were not dating. Still, they care deeply for and respect each other as friends. Tinoco told Teen Vogue that Capri was the perfect co-star.

He said working with her made him feel more comfortable in front of the camera. In the second season, when Tinoco’s character and co-character stars broke up, he and his co-star were both unfortunate.

The actor has said that he hopes Cesar and Monse keep dating and end up together sweetly, like in the movie The Notebook.

The actress had the same feelings and thoughts and even went one step further. She has said that she wants the relationship between the two main characters to grow more serious. All she wanted was for them to get married and have children.

Who is Diego Tinoco Dating?

Who is Diego Tinoco Dating

Diego Tinoco’s romantic adventures are the latest thing his fans can’t get enough of. Fans think the actor likes a well-known female star but doesn’t talk about his personal life.

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Is Diego Tinoco Dating Sierra Capri?

Even though they are not dating, Diego Tinoco and Sierra Capri are good friends and work together. During the audition process for “On My Block,” the chemistry test was given to some of the people who tried out.

The judges put them through a test of love to see how well they would do. The crew had to wait until Diego and Sierra were done kissing passionately.

Monse Finnie, Diego Tinoco’s girlfriend, is played by Sierra Capri in the show. Mons and Cesar don’t have a romantic relationship, even though it looks like they do.

In Season 3, when Diego Tinoco cheated on Sierra Capri, their relationship was tense. Even though their relationship has to go through hard times, both actors want their characters to have happy endings.

The last season of On My Block, Season 4, came out in 2021. Unless it’s specifically said otherwise, the performer is single.

Some fans will be glad to hear that Sierra Capri and Diego Tinoco are not dating, but others will count down the days until their idol finally introduces the public to their soul mate.

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