Denim Bradshaw Cause of Death
Denim Bradshaw Cause of Death

What Was The Cause of Denim Bradshaw Death?

Denim Bradshaw, the adolescent who passed away after being thrown off a bull, is characterized as hilarious and fearless by a family friend.

“His smile went from one side to the other and he would always have a smile on his face. You could never tell what he was really feeling because he just always looked happy,” said Jessica Pitt.

Bradshaw is only down the street from Pitt and her family. She claimed he was eager to participate in the bull riding competition.

“My husband actually texted him at 6:30 and wished him good luck and told him we would be there to watch him next time and unfortunately we won’t be able to do that,” said Pitt.

Last Saturday, the incident took place at the Rafter K Rodeo.

The 14-year-old, according to rodeo attendees, was bucked from the bull. The bull trampled on his chest as soon as he came to rest on the arena floor. He allegedly experienced a heart arrest and passed away at the hospital.

Denim Bradshaw Cause of Death

Pitt said, “Everything just stopped and I’m extremely fortunate that my husband was there because I just kind of came apart,” when she learned of the accident.

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The middle schooler met his demise at a game he had watched since he was young.

“He did not miss a rodeo it was a way of life for their whole community that’s what you do on Saturdays,” said Pitt.

Pitt’s daughter and close friends were heartbroken by Bradshaw’s passing.

“Her brother is gone no need to share blood. They’re thick as can be, thick as thieves,” said Pitt.

A Facebook from Shannon Bowman’s Facebook account remarked, “ Last night was the longest night of my life!! My beautiful handsome 14 year old son had went to be with the lord! I awoke in a nightmare for the rest of my life!
I hate myself for this call but he was loving every second of it I never seen him so happy as I had seen him last night before his departure.

Denim baby you did it!! You did that!! I’m so proud of your braveness and your courage! My lil cowboy I will love and miss you so much and I know God will take care of you.

For the sake of your bull riding friends there really should be emt on site in this sport! That ride was a little to long

This is hard for me to say right now but I need to do. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and your blessings! My daughter (bless her heart) has handled all the donations found him a funeral home an a horrible but beautiful red casket that I’m almost sure he would have picked himself if he had too! It’s all because of y’all and your support for making this all possible for my baby and this means so much to me! Thank you I know that will never be enough to say but I mean it with all my heart !”-

In his honor, loved ones released balloons with the promise never to forget the happiness he brought.

“He will be missed, and you can see that the school is a little quieter and the world is a little darker without him,” said Pitt.

Bradshaw attended Walkertown Middle School as a student.

According to Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools, a crisis team has provided campus support.

According to Pitt, funeral plans are being made.

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