Johanna Braddy Married
Johanna Braddy Married

Is Johanna Braddy Married? Does She Have Any Children?

2009 saw the debut of actress Johanna Brady in the lead role of The Grudge. Since then, the native of Atlanta has acted in many TV programs, including Greek, UnReal, and ABC’s short thriller Quantico, where she played Shelby Wright.

Johanna agreed to participate in the last season of A Million Little Things in 2023.

Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) and Maggie (Alison Miller) met Johanna’s character, Claire, at a childbirth class that Claire attended with her boyfriend, a stand-up comedian named Evan (Ty Barnett).

Maggie was encouraged to give birth at home by Claire and Maggie’s developing bond, which didn’t sit well with Gary.

While Claire possibly caused some friction between Gary and Maggie, the actress behind the character seemingly has no problems in her romantic relationship. Keep reading to find out more about Johanna Braddy’s married life!

Johanna Braddy Married Two of Her Past Co-Stars In The 2010s!

Johanna joined the cast of a web series called Video Game High School in 2012 after becoming successful in the late 2000s.

Only two seasons of the show were produced, but Johanna left with Josh Blaylock, her first husband, which was more than she had anticipated.

Johanna Braddy Married

Josh and Johanna met while they were attending tryouts for their VGHS parts, Johanna tweeted in January 2013. She was 24, and he was 20 when they got married in 2012. Josh and Johanna were wed for three years before ending their marriage.

Johanna replied to a fan, “No, @blaylock josh and I aren’t married, we’re great friends!”

Johanna started working as Anna on UnReal in 2015 following her divorce from Josh. The actress rekindled her romance at work while there, this time with her husband-to-be, Freddie Stroma.

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Johanna Braddy Calls Her Husband, Freddie Roma, The “Kindest Person I’ve Ever Met.”

Within a short time after working on UnReal, Johanna and Freddie began dating. According to E! News, Freddie proposed in Vancouver in May 2016. With Johanna on Quantico and Freddie on Time After Time, they were considered one of ABC’s cutest real-life couples.

In Atlanta, Johanna’s hometown, at The Stables at Foxhall Resort and Sports Club, they exchanged vows a few months after becoming engaged.

“He’s the best,” Johanna told The Knot of her hubby in December 2016. “He’s the kindest person I’ve ever met.”

Freddie added that he was more than willing to spend the rest of his life with Johanna. Years later, he advised other performers to alert their bosses before beginning a romance while working.

The actor advised People to “Go through HR and be very careful” in February 2021. “That’s murky water right there!”

Does Johanna Braddy Have Any Children?

As of this writing, Johanna doesn’t have any children. During their three-year marriage, the 35-year-old actress and her spouse, Josh Blaylock, had no kids.

She and Freddie have been together for five years but haven’t announced any pregnancy-related news.

But Adelaide “Addy,” a Maltese owned by Johanna and Freddie, who even has her own Instagram account, makes them proud dog parents.

Although Johanna and Freddie haven’t decided whether to grow their family, it’s evident that both of them are committed to their work.

Johanna appeared on a couple of episodes of Gossip Girl and Chicago Med in addition to her guest appearance on A Million Little Things. Freddie also had a recurring role on HBO Max’s The Peacemaker.

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