Def Leppard Drummer Rick Allen Speaks Out After Assault
Def Leppard Drummer Rick Allen Speaks Out After Assault

Def Leppard Drummer Rick Allen Speaks Out After Assault In Florida!

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen has spoken in public for the first time since he sustained a brain injury after a violent attack outside a hotel in South Florida.

On March 12, after Def Leppard had performed in Hollywood, Florida, Allen had a stormy night.

Allen, who lost his left arm in a vehicle accident in 1984, was allegedly assaulted and knocked to the ground by 19-year-old Max Edward Hartley while smoking outside the Four Seasons hotel.  The assault caused Allen to “strike his head on the ground and cause damage,” according to a police report.

Def Leppard Drummer Rick Allen Speaks Out After Assault

The 59-year-old drummer took to social media to thank his fans.  “Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support,” Allen recently Instagram post, giving his first official statement since the attack. “Your love and prayers are truly helping. My wife Lauren was thankfully not with me at the time of the incident. We are together now, and working on recovering in a safe space.”

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“We are focusing on healing for everyone involved,” the drummer continued. “We ask you to join us in our effort to move from confusion and shock to compassion and empathy. We understand this act of violence can be triggering for so many people.”

Allen hasn’t stopped thanking everyone who has supported and assisted him this week.

“To all of the fans, veterans, and first responders in our global community we are thinking of you all,” he noted. “Together with love, we can all get through these difficult times.”

The investigation has since led to the battery charge against Max Edward Hartley, 19.

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