Who Is Latto Dating
Who Is Latto Dating

Who Is Latto Dating? Rapper’s BF Is Reportedly Married!

Big Latto, also known as Alyssa Michelle Stephens, has shown she is more than a one-hit-wonder. Latto, a 24-year-old rapper, has changed her identity and released two studio albums after Jermaine Dupri discovered her in 2016 on his Lifetime music competition The Rap Game. “Queen of da Souf” and “777” were her most recent albums to be published.

Fans are not only interested in Latto’s rap abilities and eagerly anticipating what she will accomplish next. Her sultry aesthetic, elaborate music videos and hot perspectives on men and relationships have greatly influenced her brand.

But is there someone the singer of “Sleep Sleep” can cuddle with offstage? Here is the skinny on Latto’s romantic history.

Latto’s Dating History Reportedly Involves 21 Savage And A Mystery Married Man!

Latto, born in Columbus, Ohio, doesn’t reveal her suitors to her fans even though she has multiple songs (including one of our favorites, “Pussy”) criticizing males who use chauvinist and bullying tactics.

Latto has kept her dating life quiet since she came out, but the rapper was the subject of relationship rumors.

Latto has maintained a love relationship with 21 Savage. The musicians worked together on their 2022 single and music video, “Wheelie,” and have been speculated to be dating since 2020.

Who Is Latto Dating

In February 2023, Latto further sparked the relationship speculations when she tweeted a picture with the word “Sheyaa” tattooed behind her ear. The Sheyaa is 21 Savage’s birth name, Sheyaa Bin Abarham-Joseph, as discovered by astute followers.

Latto never addressed the meaning behind the ear tattoo. However, when fans discussed the couple again after Latto posted a TikTok of her cooking soul food on a Sunday, she replied to commenters who assumed she was making 21 a plate.

“No, I’ve said I’m not plenty of times,” Latto said after a user asked if she ever confirmed dating the “Creepin” rapper.

Despite Latto’s denial that she was dating her business rival, social media users said her real love was even less accessible. Some Twitter users have accused the “Another Nasty Song” singer of having a secret relationship with a married man.

Latto has already spoken about her unidentified partner, even though she hasn’t confirmed whether the allegations are true.

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Latto Said She’s In A “Real Relationship” With Her Rumored Married Man And Pays “no Bills.”

Anybody who keeps up with Latto on social media has seen her discuss her relationship. The rapper frequently praises her unidentified boyfriend, whom she never names, for meeting her needs and wants. Latto told Hot 97 in February 2023 that her partner lavishes her with money, pays her expenses, and maintains her opulent possessions.

“I got the ‘Vette, I got the Lambs, I go the Birkins,” she declared in February 2023. “I don’t pay no bills.”

“If he comin’ like that, then, yeah, that’s how it’s supposed to be,” Latto continued. “If he is coming right, then he is coming right.”

The young rapper also said on Hot 97 that she keeps her relationship under wraps to avoid the world discussing it on social media. However, she confirmed the relationship is very “real,” though it isn’t clear if he’s married.

“I’m smooth with it, ain’t I?” Latto said of keeping her relationship private. “This is gon’ sound so cliché, but it’s the truth — Everything in my life gets picked apart by social media, and I’ve gotta hear everybody’s two cents and opinions on something that has nothing to do with them.”

She added: “I’m in a real relationship, not like a PR stunt, so I just want to protect it, that’s all.”

Hopefully, Latto will be more open about her dating life as she and her man’s relationship grows!

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