3 Killed In Shooting Between Biker Gangs At Oklahoma City Bar
3 Killed In Shooting Between Biker Gangs At Oklahoma City Bar

3 People Killed In Shooting Between Biker Gangs At Oklahoma City Bar!

Three persons who were slain in a firefight at a bar in Oklahoma, according to police, were identified by their last names.

The Whiskey Barrel Saloon in southwest Oklahoma City is where the incident occurred. Police described the scene as strange.

Several guns were pulled out and shot at the Whiskey Barrel Saloon, according to the police, and although one man has been arrested, more people may probably be taken into custody.

“It’s not something you see every day,” said Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City police.

Eric Oberholtzer, Francisco Tanajara, and an unidentified third victim were all slain in a shooting at a nearby tavern.

3 Killed In Shooting Between Biker Gangs At Oklahoma City Bar

“When officers arrived, they were confronted by a large number of victims, of shooting victims,” Knight said.

Another three people were shot as well and sent to the hospital. Police claimed that although one was freed after being charged with first-degree murder, he wasn’t the only one who fired.

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“It appears as though this all started as an altercation inside of the bar. It’s unclear what led up to the start of it, but it started as an altercation. Numerous people pulled guns and began exchanging gunfire with each other. The deceased all seemed to be involved in one way or another in this incident, as well,” Knight said.

According to the police, the event appeared to result from biker rivalry.

“It’s unknown what the beef is with them, but there’s apparently some rival gang sets of bikers in there, enough to what ultimately led to all the shooting,” Knight said.

The ABLE Commission, which upholds regulations for individuals with liquor licenses, announced that it is investigating whether the Whiskey Barrel Saloon has the proper protocol following a spate of gunshots over the weekend.

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