Is Payge McMahon Related To Vince McMahon
Is Payge McMahon Related To Vince McMahon

Is Payge McMahon Related To Vince McMahon?

Most people think of Vince McMahon when they think about wrestling empires. The McMahon family is large and has a long history in the wrestling industry.

Many of their members are well-known in professional wrestling, while many are behind-the-scenes workers.

People may therefore link someone with the McMahon surname to Vince McMahon when they appear in headlines. A woman by the name of Payge McMahon has recently been making headlines.

Who is she, then? Where is Payge from, and more importantly, is she connected to the WWE Chairman?

Who is Payge McMahon?

On her website, Payge describes herself as an explorer, journalist, yoga teacher, and motivator. Payge is also a certified physical therapist and professional optimist. Age 46 tells her.

According to McMahon, practicing yoga saved her life. She could embark on new experiences and tour the globe thanks to it.

Her website reads, “Her mission is to inspire others to overcome obstacles, get healthy, go outdoors, try new things and start checking off that bucket list!”

Is Payge McMahon Related To Vince McMahon

As brave as Payge is, there were many hiccups on her trip. She was involved in a car accident as a teenager, leaving her with a damaged back and ongoing agony. Cancer claimed the life of McMahon’s mother when she was 59 years old.

But her mother had left her a list of things to do, and Payge made it her life’s work to cross each item off. She still has a list to finish.

The explorer has received many honors. She was even highlighted on the National Geographic Channel’s “The Raft.”

She appeared on “Journeys & Victories” on ESPN and Alaska HDTV. Payge received a Gracie Award for that ESPN episode, which celebrated media women.

Is Payge Related To Vince McMahon?

Payge is currently in the news now because of her husband. She married Diamond Dallas Page, former WWE superstar and yoga instructor, on 9th December.

Payge was unaware that she would be married that day. Therefore, the wedding came as a surprise to her. She pretended to be going to a “friend’s red and white Christmas-themed party.”

When she was 24 years old, she married her life’s love. Yet it took her a few years after her divorce to realize how much she loved to travel.

For his yoga program, which has assisted millions of individuals in recovering from ailments, DDP and Payge collaborate. Payge promotes physical health and teaches yoga.

In any case, Vince McMahon and Payge McMahon are unrelated. Due to their shared last name, she is being identified with Vince. Because DDP was a former WWE wrestler, many assumed Payge might be linked to Vince McMahon.

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