Lily Collins Eating Disorder
Lily Collins Eating Disorder

Lily Collins Eating Disorder: She Discusses Her Struggle With Anorexia!

Although Lily Collins is now best known for having fun in Paris in the blockbuster series Emily, the actress has a history of eating issues on and off-screen.

She is currently in the recovery phase for the latter. Lily had the lead role in the 2017 Netflix film To The Bone, which tells the tale of a young lady who struggles with an eating disorder before eventually getting better after spending time in a hospital.

As a recovered anorexic herself, Emily took chances to play the lead in the film. She shed pounds for the part and opened up to Harper’s Bazaar about the experience.

Lily Collins Braved Playing An Anorexic After Own Recovery

Collins said she had just finished writing a chapter about her recovery in her book as the role fell into her lap when she “randomly” received the To The Bone script.

She did claim never to have been ill to the point where she “needed medical attention,” but the medical profession in 2022 is well aware that being sick does not require a dangerously low BMI.

Lily Collins Eating Disorder

“I saw it as an opportunity to understand my disorder better. I was nervous, but also really excited to finally tell my story through a character, but also unburden myself. It was very freeing,” she stated.

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Lily is depicted in the film as having pale makeup and being quite skinny, with her character’s relatives remarking on her diminishing physique before she decides to seek professional assistance.

Speaking of losing weight for the role, the 32-year-old continued: “We did it with a nutritionist who expressed from the beginning that her main concern was getting me back to good health at the end – not to leave me hanging,” adding that a lot of caution going into it. I was held accountable every step of the way and supplied with a lot of supplements so that everything in my body would continue working and that I wouldn’t get fatigued.”

Collins did a ton of additional research for the part, even visiting an anorexics anonymous group and speaking with the director of a Los Angeles anorexia facility.

The artists Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato, as well as reality judge Paula Abdul, are all recognized for their work in the fight against eating disorders, not just anorexia.

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