Pedro Pascal Dating
Pedro Pascal Dating

Who Is Pedro Pascal Dating Now? Learn About Their Previous Romantic Involvements!

Pedro Pascal, the megastar from The Last of Us, is now having a great year.

It’s safe to say that the Chilean-born actor is a hot topic that only increases as keen-eyed netizens grow more intrigued, from his adored part as Joel Miller on the post-apocalyptic HBO series to his known status as the internet’s number one daddy.

Most internet users have become keenly interested in Pascal’s romantic situation and earlier dating experiences.

Despite the amount of interest, Pascal has always been a very private guy who takes great care to preserve his personal life. This comes as no surprise, of course, given that being an A-List star entails always dealing with fans and paparazzi at all times.

Before we go into Pascal’s dating life, it’s important to note that his friendship with Sarah Paulson has only ever been platonic. This is especially important given that Paulson is openly homosexual and currently seeing actress Holland Taylor.

Now, look at Pascal’s dating history, from casual encounters to committed relationships.

Who Is Pedro Pascal Dating Now?

As of the date of writing, Pascal is not connected to anyone. Everyone is correct – he is still very much unmarried.

Pascal appears to have a strong history of solely dating his co-stars from the television shows he seems, which is unfortunate for the general public.

Pascal is incredibly secretive, so even if he does start a new relationship, we probably won’t find out about it.

Pedro Pascal’s Dating History

Robin Tunney (2015)

In 2015, there were rumors that Pedro Pascal was dating Robin Tunney, his co-star on The Mentalist. In 2015, they were seen together on several occasions; in 2019, they even had sushi together.

They became friends after he was cast as FBI agent Marcus Pike in season six of The Mentalist and she was cast as Teresa Lisbon, the show’s lead character.

Following the 2015 Emmy Awards in September, the two went to HBO’s After Party together. Even then, there are some inconsistencies in the dating rumors because Tunney got engaged to Nicky Marmet on December 25, 2012, when they were on vacation in Rio de Janeiro.

They already had two kids together. While on The Mentalist, Pascal said, “I had an amazing time with Robin Tunney, she is a new friend, and it was a really friendly set,” in response to a Reddit AMA question.

Lena Headey (2014)

In 2014, Lena Headey, a co-star on Game of Thrones, and Pedro Pascal were linked. The two were close friends and appeared in some of the same Instagram images.

Pedro Pascal Dating

One image where Headey shared a picture of the two with the phrase “Sunshine Love” gave rise to speculations. “She make me smile goofy @iamlenaheadey,” Pascal wrote with a snapshot of the two in 2013. When Headey revealed she was pregnant in 2015, many fans speculated that The Mandalorian actor was the father.

However, Headey and filmmaker Dan Cadan, a childhood friend with whom she had collaborated on the short film The Devil’s Wedding, welcomed a daughter named Teddy on July 10, 2015.

Maria Dizzia

According to rumors, Pedro Pascal dated Maria Dizzia, a fellow Law & Order actress, in the 1990s. In 2008, the two co-starred in an episode of Law & Order from Season 18.

Sarah Paulson

Pedro Pascal is sometimes linked to Sarah Paulson due to their closeness. However, the two are just best friends as Sarah is currently in a relationship with Holland Taylor.

In a conversation in Interview in 2014, the two discussed how their long-lasting friendship started.  ”I’ve known you since I was 18, is that enough research? I think that’s enough research,” said Paulson.

Pascal shared that Paulson welcomed him when he first moved to New York City. “I was really lucky because my first friend at NYU lived in Brooklyn, Kristen, and went to high school with you, so your guys’ posse kind of adopted me,” he said.

When Paulson asked if he remembered their friends, Pascal said he did. “I remember everybody! There are a couple of things that I probably shouldn’t say about all of us — we were 18-year-olds in New York City in 1993. [But] I remember all of us going to the Upper East Side. I insisted that we all go see that movie Fearless,” he said.

She appeared in a Saturday Night Live segment to honor their friendship and her friend’s thirsty daddy Internet rule. “Fine, it’s true,” Paulson’s character concedes. “He’s daddy, I’m mommy, and we’re all a happy family. No crumbs left.”

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