Indiana Doctor Reprimanded Over Abortion
Indiana Doctor Reprimanded Over Abortion

Indiana Board Punishes Doctor For Speaking Out on Child Rἀpe Victim’s Ab0rtion!

Indiana’s medical licensing board issued a letter of reprimand and a fine on Thursday to the obstetrician-gynecologist who performed an ab0rtion on an Ohio-born 10-year-old rpe victim. The panel concluded that Dr. Caitlin Bernard’s procedure discussion with a reporter went against patient privacy laws.

Following a protracted hearing, the Indiana Medical Licensing Board decided that Bernard had broken state privacy laws when she spoke with an Indianapolis Star reporter about the 10-year-old’s case.

Instead of suspending Bernard’s license, the board fined her $3,000 ($1,000 for each of the three counts for which she was found responsible) and sent her a reprimand.

Attorney General Todd Rokita brought the doctor into the meeting after receiving a complaint, and several witnesses, including Bernard herself, testified.

Bernard explained to the board that she did not advocate for ab0rtion when she spoke in public but rather that she thought Indiana residents needed to be aware that the state could outright ban ab0rtion after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, forcing patients seeking ab0rtion care to travel outside of the country.

Indiana Doctor Reprimanded Over Abortion

“Abortion is not a political issue,” she declared. “Abortion is part of comprehensive health care and needs to stay squarely in the realm of public health.”

Bernard asserted that she didn’t think she would be in front of the licensing board if the attorney general “had not chosen to make this his political stunt.”

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The case involved privacy and trust, Rokita said in response to the board’s decision, thanking the members for their “extraordinary time and consideration.”

“Like we have said for a year, this case was about patient privacy and the trust between the doctor and patient that was broken,” he stated. “What if it was your child or your patient or your sibling who was going through a sensitive medical crisis, and the doctor, who you thought was on your side, ran to the press for political reasons? It’s not right, and the facts we presented today made that clear.”

The pregnancy of a 10-year-old girl who was seeking an ab0rtion outside of Ohio due to the state’s ab0rtion law, which forbids the procedure once the embryonic cardiac activity is detected, typically at around six weeks of pregnancy, caused headlines last year after Bernard told the Indianapolis Star that a child abuse doctor in Ohio had contacted her.

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State records show that on June 30, just days after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Bernard gave the 10-year-old a medication-induced ab0rtion. Bernard claimed in an interview with “CBS Evening News” that she couldn’t confirm that she did so.

After the revelation, Rokita claimed that Bernard had broken reporting and patient privacy laws and set out to punish her.

Separately, Bernard sued Rokita last year, claiming that he had launched “overbroad” investigations into doctors who treat ab0rtion patients and issued subpoenas requesting the private medical records of their patients based on “baseless” consumer complaints.

In the complaint, Following her being questioned for performing the ab0rtion, Rokita opened investigations into seven consumer complaints made against Bernard and issued subpoenas, which the doctor’s attorneys claim had no justifiable investigative purpose.

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