Clarence Thomas Net Worth
Clarence Thomas Net Worth

Clarence Thomas Net Worth: Who Received A $1.5 Million Advance In 2007?

Justice Clarence Thomas entered the world in June of 1948 in Pin Point, Georgia. He supposedly dropped out of Conception Seminary College after Martin Luther King, Jr.’s m*rder.

Thomas said he left because he overheard a classmate say, “Good,” and that comment made him uncomfortable. One day after the m*rder, someone said, “I hope the son of a bitch is dead.”

Due to his personal experience, Clarence concluded that the Catholic Church was not doing enough to combat racism among its future priests.

He then began his second year at Holy Cross after transferring from another university. The Black Student Union at his school was created with his help. He studied English literature intensively and graduated in 1971 with high honors.

What is Clarence Thomas’ Net Worth?

Justice Clarence Thomas of the United States is an African-American associate on the Supreme Court. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is worth $78 million.

Clarence Thomas Net Worth

He succeeded Thurgood Marshall on the Supreme Court after being appointed by George H. W. Bush. After a heated and divisive confirmation hearing in October 1991, he was eventually confirmed.

He follows Thurgood Marshall as the second African-American justice on the Supreme Court. Clarence has served on the Supreme Court longer than anyone else.

The wealth of Clarence Thomas was disclosed in the following tweet by James Aymann:

Who Received A $1.5 Million Advance In 2007?

Clarence’s best-selling autobiography, “My Grandfather’s Son,” was funded by a $1.5 million advance he got in 2007.

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