Alex Hormozi Net Worth
Alex Hormozi Net Worth

Alex Hormozi Net Worth: What Source of Income Did He Have?

Alex holds many positions: a prosperous businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He founded, serves as CEO, and is the chairman of several fitness and wellness businesses.

Most people also laud him for his skill in sales, business scaling, and marketing, which he used to change the lives of other entrepreneurs.

His fitness career got off when he opened Gym Launch and purchased a gym. Through his humanitarian endeavors, the company assisted other gym owners in growing their operations and starting new ventures.

Additionally, he devotes his leisure time to promoting equitable access to education and supporting poor entrepreneurs.

What is Alex Hormozi’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, businessman and investor Alex Hormozi has a $100 million net worth. This sum reflects all of his businesses’ and investments’ earnings. His wealth will likely increase as he continues to expand his current companies and start up new ones.

His most recent endeavor,, excels at giving low- and mid-level entrepreneurs financial support. In addition to this business, Alex Hormozi owns two other successful companies that bring in about $85 million annually. His podcast and two books have both been published.

What Source of Income Did Alex Hormozi Have?

Famous Iranian-American fitness fanatic Alex got his start in the hobby when he was a teenager. He owes a portion of his success to his mentor, who showed him the ethical business and health practices he now follows. He earned a bachelor’s degree in corporate strategy from Vanderbilt University.

After graduating from college, a strategy business hired Alex Hormozi as a management consultant. But after two years, he created a gym because it was his passion. It didn’t take him long to learn that managing a gym is difficult.

Alex Hormozi Net Worth

The gym quickly began to generate revenues of up to $10,000 across six locations. When Alex established Gym Launch, it responded to other gym owners’ desire to learn the formula for turning their businesses into prosperous ones similar to Alex’.

He gave Gym Launch everything he had, eventually turning it into a licensing strategy that allowed over 4,000 gyms to prosper financially.

The business earned $17 million in the first year of licensing and more than $2.3 million per month during the first 12 months. Alex Hormozi and his wife Leila kept making wise investments to build his wealth.

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How Has Alex Hormozi Invested?

Alex Hormozi decided to build his money through other businesses in 2020, at which point he started taking investing seriously. He started after leaving every position.

He provides consulting services and advice to companies wishing to expand their profession as the managing partner of the business. One sales-oriented firm Alex Hormozi invests in monthly sees its annual revenue increase to about $85 million.

Alex is a fierce advocate for making personal investments. He invests the majority of the money he makes back into his businesses, further enhancing his portfolio. The following are the investments Alex Hormozi made to acquire all of his wealth:

Real Estate

Real estate investments are another business that helps Alex Hormozi accumulate wealth. Alex and his wife own several valuable and strategically located properties nationwide.

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He sold his mansion for $4 million in 2021 and returned the money to his company. They maintain various businesses while residing in a private residence in Las Vegas.

You need a sizable amount of money to invest in the US real estate market. Fortunately, Alex Hormozi had enough cash to invest in the business. From 2023 to 2025, some estimates project a net annual growth rate of 2.15%. He also appreciates the US real estate sector’s independence from the stock market.

Luxury Cars

Alex Hormozi has long driven a damaged Toyota Prius despite his money and status. He advises company owners to cut costs by operating a practical vehicle rather than a classy sedan.

But it doesn’t mean Alex doesn’t drive expensive vehicles. At least two expensive cars are in his portfolio: a Mercedes-Benz GLE 53 AMG valued at $80,000 and a Ferrari 488 Pista worth $330,000.

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