ian veneracion wife
ian veneracion wife

Ian Veneracion: The Multifaceted Actor and Devoted Family Man

Ian Veneracion is a popular name in the Philippines and beyond, known for his versatile talents and multi-faceted career. Since his acting debut in 1982, he has been involved in numerous successful projects in movies and television.

Beyond Acting: Ian Veneracion’s Adventurous Pursuits

Aside from acting, Veneracion has pursued various passions and interests. He is a certified adventurer, a pilot, a singer, and an athlete. With his zest for life and exploration, Veneracion has become known for his adventurous spirit and love for outdoor activities.

A Lasting Love: Ian Veneracion’s Marriage to Pam Gallardo

In 1997, Ian Veneracion married his wife Pam Gallardo after being in a long-term relationship. Gallardo, an industrial engineer by profession, is an intellectual woman who supports her husband’s career while maintaining a low profile herself. The couple’s enduring relationship of over 25 years is a testament to their strong bond and mutual understanding.

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The Pillars of Ian Veneracion’s Life: His Wife and Children

Ian Veneracion’s family is at the center of his life. He and his wife Pam have three children: Tristan Draco, Duccio, and Deirdre. Veneracion prioritizes spending quality time with his family, and they often engage in adventurous activities together.

Tristan Draco Veneracion: Following in His Father’s Footsteps

Tristan Draco, the eldest son of Ian Veneracion, shares his father’s passion for acting. Starting his acting career at a young age, Tristan has made a name for himself in the industry. He also shares his father’s love for outdoor sports and holds a bachelor’s degree in management.

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Duccio Veneracion: A Private Life Away from the Spotlight

The second son of Ian Veneracion, Duccio, prefers to keep a low profile and avoid the public eye. As a teenager, he is focused on his studies and does not show any inclination toward a career in show business.

Deirdre Veneracion: Embracing Her Authenticity

Deirdre, Ian Veneracion’s daughter, came out as gay at 16. Her father wholeheartedly supported her, emphasizing his unconditional love and acceptance. Deirdre pursued her education at De La Salle Araneta University and has her family’s full support in her chosen path.

The Influences of Ian Veneracion’s Parents

Ian Veneracion’s parents, Roy Veneracion and Susan Lopez-Veneracion played essential roles in shaping his life and career. His father, Roy, is an artist who passed his passion for painting to Ian. His mother, Susan, was a fashion model and engaged in philanthropy while raising Ian and his sister, Rachel.

In conclusion, Ian Veneracion’s journey in the entertainment industry has been marked by versatility and success. Alongside his thriving acting career, he maintains a solid and loving relationship with his wife, Pam Gallardo, and cherishes his time with their three children.

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