brett ashley cantwell
brett ashley cantwell

Nick Sirianni and Brett Ashley Cantwell: A Love Story Rooted in Kansas City and NFL Adventures

The love story of Nick Sirianni, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, and his wife, Brett Ashley Cantwell, began in Kansas City, Missouri, where they met while Sirianni was working for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Despite the Chiefs defeating the Eagles in the Super Bowl on February 12, 2023, their connection remains strong. Married since June 2013, the couple has experienced multiple relocations due to Sirianni’s NFL career, but Kansas City holds a special place in their hearts. They are proud parents to three children: Jacob, Miles, and Taylor.

Originally from Springfield, Missouri, Cantwell worked as a teacher when she met Sirianni. Their relationship took root while they resided in the same Kansas City apartment complex, with Sirianni winning her despite initially not remembering him. The couple dated for two years before getting engaged.

brett ashley cantwell

As a devoted mother, Cantwell actively supports Sirianni and shares the joys and challenges of raising their children. Their kids, Jacob, Miles, and Taylor have even made appearances alongside their father during press conferences, capturing the hearts of fans with their playful antics.

Throughout their journey, Cantwell has embraced the nomadic lifestyle that comes with Sirianni’s coaching career. From Kansas City to San Diego, then Orange County, and later Indianapolis, they have settled in different cities, always supporting each other’s aspirations.

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Cantwell has found solace in the bond she shares with other NFL wives, connecting through shared experiences of raising children while their husbands pursue their coaching careers.

Cantwell’s love for Sirianni and their family remains unwavering despite the constant changes and challenges. Kansas City holds a special significance as their love story began, and they treasure the memories they created there. Through it all, they have built a strong foundation rooted in love, support, and the adventures of the NFL.

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