lisa marie tasker
lisa marie tasker

Eric Lloyd and Lisa Marie Tasker: A Talented Couple’s Journey in the Entertainment Industry

Eric Lloyd, known for his roles in Disney’s The Santa Clause film trilogy and the television series Jesse, has found love and support in his wife, Lisa Marie Tasker. Lisa, a talented painter passionate about music, has been a significant part of Eric’s life since 2015.

Together, they navigate their careers and share their artistic endeavors, creating a harmonious partnership. This article explores their talents, relationship, and the accomplishments of Eric’s sister, Emily Ann Lloyd, in the entertainment industry.

Eric Lloyd

An Early Start in Acting: Born in 1986, Eric Lloyd began his acting career as a child artist, featuring in numerous projects between the ages of two and five. He gained recognition for his role as Charlie Calvin in Disney’s The Santa Clause film trilogy and Little John Warner in the television series Jesse. Eric’s passion for entertainment led him to establish Lloyd Production Studios in Glendale, California, in 2015.

Lisa Marie Tasker

A Multi-Talented Artist: Lisa Marie Tasker, Eric Lloyd’s wife, is a gifted painter who showcases her artwork on social media platforms. She is actively involved in Lloyd Production Studios, managing events and contributing to film and music production.

Lisa’s love for music extends to her violin skills, which she has cultivated since a young age. She is an ardent fan of the rock band Paramore, admiring the talents of Hayley Williams, Zac Farro, and Taylor York. Through her social media presence, Lisa shares her artistic creations and glimpses into her personal life, often featuring moments with her husband, Eric.

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Eric Lloyd’s Family Support

Eric Lloyd’s parents, Melissa Lloyd Rogers and David Morelli have played a pivotal role in his career. With a Scottish background, Eric credits his parents’ unwavering support for his success in the entertainment industry.

His sister, Emily Ann Lloyd, also ventured into acting at a young age, following in her brother’s footsteps. Emily gained recognition for her performances in Kindergarten Cop, Lois, and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and other notable projects. Their mother, Melissa Rogers, has contributed to the film industry as a senior coordinator at Cosmic Picture, a film distribution company.

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Emily Ann Lloyd: A Promising Acting Career

Emily Ann Lloyd, Eric Lloyd’s sister, made her acting debut at the tender age of two, starring in commercials and later appearing in television series and films. Her notable works include Kindergarten Cop, Princesses, My Life and Times, Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and Jodie Foster’s Home for the Holidays.

Emily won the Young Artist Award for her performance in Kindergarten Cop. While she took a hiatus from the industry, Emily’s early accomplishments and promising talent remain a significant part of her journey.

Conclusion: Eric Lloyd and Lisa Marie Tasker form an engaged couple, each contributing their unique artistic talents to the entertainment industry. With Eric’s notable acting career and Lisa’s prowess as a painter and musician, their partnership thrives personally and professionally. Alongside their accomplishments, Eric’s sister, Emily Ann Lloyd, has made a mark in the acting world with her early successes. Together, they represent a family deeply rooted in artistic pursuits and continue to inspire others with their talents and dedication.

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