ashlee casserly
ashlee casserly

Ashlee Casserly and Greg Greenberg: A Journey of Love, Renovation, and Real Estate Success

Ashlee Casserly, known for her appearance on the popular reality show “Zombie House Flipping,” has captured viewers’ hearts with her talent for transforming abandoned properties into stunning homes.

While rumors circulate about her on-screen relationship with co-star Justin Stamper, Ashlee is happily married to Greg Greenberg, a dedicated attorney at Cohen Law Group. This article explores Ashlee and Greg’s personal and professional lives, flourishing marriages, and impressive real estate industry achievements.

Ashlee Casserly: From Reality TV Star to Real Estate Expert

Rising to Fame on “Zombie House Flipping”

Ashlee gained widespread recognition through her role on the reality show “Zombie House Flipping,” where she collaborates with Justin Stamper and Keith Ori to breathe new life into dilapidated properties. The show’s fifth season premiered on December 3, 2022, on A&E TV, captivating audiences with its stunning transformations.

A Realtor Extraordinaire

In addition to her television appearances, Ashlee thrives as a realtor at Stonebridge Real Estate Group, showcasing her expertise in the industry. Her keen eye for potential and knack for renovating houses contribute to her success in both the show and her professional career.

Greg Greenberg: An Attorney at Cohen Law Group

Legal Career and Specializations

Greg Greenberg, Ashlee’s husband, is an attorney specializing in civil litigation and insurance claims at Cohen Law Group. Following his law school graduation, Greg worked at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. before serving at the Office of the Public Defender, Ninth Judicial Circuit.

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Educational Background and Achievements

Greg holds a Juris Doctor degree from UC Hastings College of the Law and completed his undergraduate studies at Wesleyan University. His educational foundation and experience in the legal field enable him to handle a wide range of legal matters with skill and proficiency.

A Beautiful Union: The Married Life of Ashlee and Greg Greenberg

Celebrating Eight Years of Love

Ashlee and Greg tied the knot in 2014 and have enjoyed a blissful eight-year union. Although they maintain privacy about their wedding and personal life, Ashlee occasionally shares heartwarming messages and photos of their journey.

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Home is Where the Heart Is

Currently residing in Orlando, Ashlee, Greg, their children, and their beloved pet dog have created a loving and nurturing family environment.

Building a Joyful Family: Ashlee Casserly’s Children

Introducing Miles and Elena

Ashlee and Greg are proud parents of two beautiful children: a son named Miles Greenberg, born in 2017, and a daughter named Elena Greenberg, born in 2019. Miles, an energetic five-year-old born under the sign of Aries, shares a loving and protective bond with his younger sister Elena, a joyful three-year-old Taurus.

Cherished Family Moments

Ashlee often shares glimpses of their family life on her Instagram account, showcasing the siblings’ heartwarming interactions, delightful vacations, and festive holiday celebrations.

Beyond the Screens: The Friendship of Ashlee and Justin Stamper

On-Screen Chemistry and Business Partnership

Ashlee Casserly and Justin Stamper share a close friendship and a successful business partnership on “Zombie House Flipping.” Together with their crew, they showcase remarkable house-flipping skills and a harmonious working dynamic on the show.

Real Estate Prowess

Together with their on-screen collaboration, Ashlee and Justin have achieved remarkable success in the real estate industry. Justin, who has been involved in real estate since his teenage years, owns Blueprint Real Estate Group, works in sales and outreach at American Anchor Homes, and owns Brown Dog Home Buyers, LLC.

Conclusion: Ashlee Casserly and Greg Greenberg embody love, success, and dedication in their personal and professional lives. Ashlee’s rise to fame on “Zombie House Flipping” and her thriving career as a realtor complement Greg’s expertise as an attorney. They celebrate eight years of marriage together, raising their two children with love and joy. While Ashlee and Justin’s on-screen chemistry may spark speculation, their friendship and business partnership contribute to their joint accomplishments. As they continue to inspire and uplift through their work, Ashlee and Greg exemplify the power of love, renovation, and real estate success.

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