Tammie Frank
Tammie Frank

Tammie Frank: A Martial Artist and Former Wife of Jason David Frank

Tammie Frank, the former wife of actor and mixed martial artist Jason David Frank. Discover her martial arts background, a career as a Muay Thai instructor, and their relationship. Explore critical facts about Tammie, including her achievements, personal life, and recent divorce filing.

Tammie Frank: A Skilled Martial Artist and Muay Thai Instructor

    • Tammie’s expertise as a black-belt martial artist.
    • Her journey in training and mastering various forms of martial arts.
    • Debut as a fighter in Bangkok, Thailand, and her victory by TKO.

Facts About Tammie Frank:

      • Age estimation and birthdate details.
      • Martial arts training under Kyoshi Jason Frank and MTIA certification.
      • Role as the producer of “My Morphin Life” reality show featuring Jason David Frank.
      • Passion for skydiving and adventurous pursuits.

Tammie’s Relationship with Jason David Frank:

    • Marriage to Jason David Frank in 2003, following his previous divorce.
    • Duration of their relationship and recent divorce filing.
    • Allegations of infidelity and conflicts leading to the separation.

Tammie Frank-

Tammie Frank’s Personal Life:

    • Motherhood and children: Jenna and Drayden.
    • Jenna’s approximate age and the recent birth of her son Drayden in May 2021.
    • Tammie’s active presence on Instagram with a significant following.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is Tammie Frank?

Tammie Frank is a martial artist and former wife of actor Jason David Frank. She is a black-belt martial artist and Muay Thai instructor.

What is Tammie’s background in martial arts?

Tammie has trained in various forms of martial arts under Kyoshi Jason Frank and is certified as a Thai trainer and Kru.

What is Tammie’s role in the reality show “My Morphin Life”?

Tammie served as the producer of “My Morphin Life,” a reality show that provided an inside look into the life of actor Jason David Frank. She also made appearances on the show.

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When did Tammie file for divorce from Jason David Frank?

Tammie filed for divorce from Jason David Frank in July 2022, before his passing.

What were the reasons for Tammie’s divorce filing?

Tammie cited infidelity and conflicts as the reasons for her divorce filing.

How many children does Tammie have with Jason David Frank?

Tammie and Jason have two children together. Their daughter, Jenna, is approximately 20 years old, and they recently welcomed a son named Drayden in May 2021.

What is Tammie’s Instagram username and follower count?

Tammie can be found on Instagram with the username @tammie_frank, where she has over 30.9k followers.

Conclusion: Tammie Frank is a talented martial artist and Muay Thai instructor who gained recognition through marriage to actor Jason David Frank. Despite recent challenges in their relationship and divorce filing, Tammie continues to pursue her passion for martial arts and live an adventurous life. Stay updated on her journey through her social media presence and ongoing endeavors.

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