connect ips login
connect ips login

ConnectIPS: The Convenient Online Payment Platform for Government

Learn about ConnectIPS, a leading online payment system platform in Nepal. Discover its features, benefits, and how to link your bank account. Explore the convenience and unique offerings of ConnectIPS compared to other payment gateways.

What Makes ConnectIPS Different from Other Payment Gateways?

ConnectIPS stands out from other payment gateways due to its distinct features, including direct payments without the need to load funds. It offers seamless government revenue payments and facilitates stock market transactions, making it an ideal tool for capital market players.

Linking Your Bank Account through ConnectIPS

A step-by-step guide to connecting your bank account with ConnectIPS:

  • Create a ConnectIPS login password
  • Link your bank account by providing the necessary information
  • Download the ConnectIPS form
  • Visit your bank and submit the form for approval
  • Consult your broker to learn more about online payment through ConnectIPS

connect ips login

Benefits of ConnectIPS for Online Trading

ConnectIPS integration with Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) enables two-way electronic payments through the online trading platform. Discover the convenience of making and receiving payments for share transactions without visiting broker offices.

FAQs about ConnectIPS

What is ConnectIPS?

ConnectIPS is an online payment system platform in Nepal that facilitates payment processing, fund transfers, and bill payments through web and mobile applications.

Does Nepal Rastra Bank approve ConnectIPS?

Yes, ConnectIPS is approved and permitted by Nepal Rastra Bank, the central bank of Nepal.

How is ConnectIPS different from Esewa and Khalti?

While Esewa and Khalti are well-recognized e-payment gateways, ConnectIPS offers direct payments without the need to load funds. It also provides unique features for government revenue payments and stock market transactions.

How can I link my bank account with ConnectIPS?

To link your bank account with ConnectIPS, create a login password, link your bank account through the ConnectIPS dashboard, and download and submit the ConnectIPS form at your bank.

Can I make online payments through ConnectIPS for stock market transactions?

ConnectIPS allows easy payment for stockbroker services, MeroShare fees, DEMAT fees, and bonus tax related to the stock market.

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Conclusion: ConnectIPS revolutionizes online payment systems in Nepal, offering seamless transactions, government revenue payments, and stock market functionalities. By linking your bank account with ConnectIPS, you can enjoy hassle-free online payments and contribute to the growth of e-commerce in Nepal.

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